Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zoo Buddies

Mary Ella and Sterling
Today we met Sarah and Sterling at the Little Rock Zoo. Sterling got to run around the whole time, but I'm not quite brave enough to go in without the stroller. I think Mary Ella would just wear herself out. Anyway, it was a little hotter than we would have liked, but most of the animals were out. ME enjoyed it more than she ever has. She could spot most of the animals and got really excited about the donkeys or "horsies."
This turtle is giant!

Looking at the turtle


We got to see the giraffes up close and personal.

We ended the day with a ride on the carousel which Mary Ella loved! She fussed when she had to get off!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Season

So, it's warm again today. Maybe fall is not in full swing just yet, but we are loving the new fall season of shows. This is the final season of Oprah so we have been trying to catch each new episode. It has become one of my favorite times of the day. Not because of Oprah (and no I don't agree with everything she says or believes in), but because the work for the day is done. Daddy will be home soon. Mary Ella is getting up from her afternoon nap. We go upstairs, and she sits beside me on the couch and eats her snack. Sometimes she leans over and gives me a kiss or pats me on the leg. She is starting to look and act like such a big girl! Of course after her snack she is down and running around, but it's a sweet little tradition we have started each day. Speaking of Oprah, a few weeks ago this was Mary Ella when Usher was singing "OMG" on her show. She got so excited! Ha! I know I really need to change my music preferences before she becomes much more impressionable, but I think it it so funny she recognized it from the radio!

Shake it, Mary Ella!

Monday, September 27, 2010

It's Fall Y'all!

Fall is...fresh pumpkins and gourds on the dining room table and a caramel apple candle burning in the kitchen

Today we even broke out new fall clothes! We had nice, cool weather in Fayetteville over the weekend, but I wasn't convinced fall had made it to Little Rock. This morning before I got Mary Ella dressed for story hour I checked the temperature, and it was 60 degrees! The high today was 75! I won't put up the summer clothes just yet, because it might come back AND because it's always sad to me to put away things Mary Ella will never get to wear again. But bring on the beautiful fall weather!

My little pumpkin

Happy fall, y'all!

So Close!

Watching Baby Einstein
This weekend we went to Fayetteville for the big game with Bama. We broke out the DVD player for the first time this trip for our sick baby. She LOVED watching it in the car! We hardly ever watch TV during the day at home, so this was a treat. She was such a good girl even though I know she didn't feel well. None of us felt well, actually. If it had been any other game I have no doubt we all would have stayed home...but how often do you get a chance to take on the #1 team in the country on your home field? Saturday morning we got up, got ready and hit the tailgates. We saw our friends, the Wrights, and tailgated until game time with Mike, Julie, and the rest of the Marvins. I ran into so many people I knew...even an old friend from Maud was there! The Hill was rockin! There was so much excitement in the air. I can't tell you how amazing it was to even feel like we had a chance in this game. By the time we got in the stadium it was crazy! The Good Year blimp was there. Parachuters carried in the US, Arkansas, and POW flags. Jerry Jones, Bill Clinton, and Kris Allen were there. It was rumored that JT, Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant were in Jerry's box. I mean this was a HUGE game for us. And it did not disappoint. We led the entire game, and almost, almost, almost won! Alabama came back in the 4th quarter and beat us by only 4 points. Ouch! It was a hard game to lose after coming so close, but I was so proud to be a Razorback at the end of the day. Our boys played their heart out, and the fans were great! Even though Ryan Mallett threw 3 interceptions and had his chance to claim a serious run in the Heisman race with a win, I don't think any less of him as a quarterback. Great defenses like Alabama can cause you to trip up no matter how good you are. We were exhausted after the game...we were there for a very intense 8 hours. So after the game we had a brief visit with Granny and Grandpa and took Guido's out to Joe and Rita's. Mary Ella had a good time spending the day with Gigi even though she didn't feel the best. She entertained Oma and Opa and learned 2 new tricks: jumping and saying "Gigi!"
I think she looks so big in this picture! Her legs are getting longer I think.

Family shot before the big game

I am so blessed!
Sunday we went to church, had lunch with the family, and spent the day with Papa on his birthday! It was a fun weekend even though we didn't come away with the win. Every Saturday is a new day in the SEC. We're still excited about our Hogs!

Friday, September 24, 2010

First Ear Infection

Poor snotty girl
Today I took Mary Ella to see Dr. Ahart. She has had a runny nose for over a week. She has been cutting her molars, so I thought the snot and drool were justified. One molar has come through, but I feel the others under the skin too. She has also been waking up crying during the night- another side effect of teething...or so I thought. We have all had allergy/sinus stuff going on in our house, so I thought she might have some of that too. Well, she has only been getting worse and has gotten a yucky cough, so I thought it might be time to take her in. I totally thought Dr. Ahart would tell me to use a humidifier, saline drops, suction her nose, etc. I was already doing all those things, but I thought I would get her to go ahead and take a look at her ears too. And sure ear was infected and the other was on the way. She hasn't been tugging on her ears or anything! We came home and started her antibiotic after lunch. I feel like such a bad Mommy for not taking her sooner! And to add to my guilt, we're still planning on going to the game. Is that terrible?
Getting some business done while we wait

Taking an important call

I took these pictures before I knew the verdict. She has really been acting fine, but by the time we left she was MAD! We got her flu shot since we were already there. Poor baby!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Wonderplace

Oh me, oh my! This place is so cool!

Today we met Sarah and Sterling at The Wonderplace for a little play date. I have heard about how neat it is, but I wasn't sure Mary Ella was old enough to enjoy it. But now I know she most certainly is! The Wonderplace has all different types of play areas for kids. It has blocks, puzzles, slides and playgrounds, dress-up clothes, a play kitchen, a vet station, a fresh market, a water and sand table, etc. It was so cool! Sterling had been there before, so she showed Mary Ella the ropes. But ME couldn't quite keep up with that little ball of energy. Sterling has been walking for a while, so she practically ran all over the place. Mary Ella never would have made it past the first area if I hadn't urged her to move on. Remember how easily entertained she is? This place could keep her busy for days!


Climbing stairs is fun when Mommy lets me!

Sweet Sterling

Coming through the tunnel

Down the slide


Quack, quack


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lunch and Lifegroup

It feels like I have a new little person living in my house this week! This little person walks around and talks and sings and points. She walks into different rooms. She leaves my bathroom while I'm getting ready, and I find her in her room in a pile of books. It's funny to realize I can't just put her down and expect her to hang around! It's so fun to see her explore and see everything from her new perspective. I love it!

Doesn't she look too small to be shopping alone?

Serious shopper

Today we had lunch with Sammi, a college roomate of mine. She is probably the most beautiful person I know, and Mary Ella was really chatting it up with her new friend. But if she wants to end up pretty and petite like Sammi, she's going to have to slow it down a bit. She ate the WHOLE time we were there and kept wanting me to pull more snacks out of her bag. Ha! We had a great time, and it's always fun to catch up. After lunch we came home and got ready for Lifegroup at our house. We have been hosting this month and have started a new parenting study. It's been good so far. The videos we are watching always spark a good discussion. While the adults meet the kids go with a babysitter. And since the playground is right down the street, she has been taking them down there to play. Before this month, ME stayed with us, but now we are letting her go with the babysitter. She has been riding down to the park in her pink car. I think she really likes it! I know she likes watching the big kids, but I worry about the day she thinks she is big enough to hang in there with them!
It's getting hard to keep her in the picture frame!