Friday, January 30, 2015

Mary Ella, 5 Rhett, 3

We didn't have any professional portraits made last year, but J. Harriman photography did make an attempt one Friday in August.  I dressed the babies up, bribed them with something (I can't remember, maybe a trip to Sonic?), and threw them out on an empty lot in the subdivision.  The session started off a little rocky, but in the end I got some of the cutest and probably some of my favorite pics of all time.  I tried to edit and delete, but, you know, I love the variety of expressions.  Rhett cutting his eyes to the side, ME tilting her head a little more.  So get ready for picture overload...

This was our Christmas card picture.  And Mia got a canvas for the mantel, so I didn't want to spoil her surprise.

Uh-oh...Rhett was not into it.  Until sis joined Mommy behind the camera...and then she had him cracking up.


He's done. boy

Sister is so funny.

Little man

Melt Mama's heart


He cracks me up with the eyebrows.

Now, this is shameless bragging, but it's my blog, and if you don't like it, well... I look at these pics and cannot believe that she is my daughter.  So beautiful, graceful, funny, full of personality.  I mean, these poses.  I didn't tell her what to do in anyway.  I just snapped.  I think she could totally be a model.  Not that I want her to be a model.  I just mean she is so gorgeous that she could be a kid model right now in a magazine.  And I have to tell you about this dress.  I ordered it on the cheap from a new website, and I have to say when it came in the mail I was so disappointed.  I thought, well, you get what you pay for.  It was cute, but it was cheapo.  You could see through the fabric, so I had to put a slip under it.  But I thought it photographed sooo well!  And with the boots and's just almost too much! ;)  Anyway, here she is:

I mean

Ok...true self ;)

Love it

So sweet


So proud of my babies!