Sunday, July 29, 2012

38 Weeks

 38 Weeks Old

 I was saving this sweet linen outfit for Rhett's 6 month portraits which ended up being 8 month portraits because we had to re-schedule twice.  So, by the time I got him in it seams were ripping.  It is so tight on his arms I couldn't even bare to make him wear it to church, so I snapped some photos at home to document the cuteness.


Mom, this outfit is so stiff!

Watching sister

 Another week of summer gone by...swimming with friends, story time with a beach theme, froyo treats, and a summer cold.  What?  Yep, the kids and I all got snotty one day last week, and it carried over into this week.  By Thursday, Rhett wasn't napping well, so I went ahead and took them both to see Dr. Smith.  ME was clear, but as I suspected, Rhett had an ear infection.  Dr. Smith was sure to call him in some antibiotics as far from penicillin as possible.  He has done well so far on the zithromax.  Over the weekend, we got some beach traffic.  Friday night Randy and Lindsay stayed the night on their way to the beach, and Saturday night Ashley, Adam, and Caleb stopped and stayed on their way home from the beach.  It was so good to finally meet Caleb and visit with Ash!

 Rhett is one month younger than Caleb, but as you can see he has a few pounds on 8.  But Caleb could run circles around the fat boy.  He is crawling and cruising and trying to take steps.  I was hoping a little friendly competition might give us some motivation. ;)
I can't crawl, but I'll clap for ya buddy!

ME entertained as always

This boy is a mess when he eats!

How does this happen when I'm feeding him?  He puts his hands in his mouth, grabs the spoon, and has an eagle eye when you drop some. He smears it and pats until it splatters everywhere!


 I'm probably about 3 months behind most parents, but I just now took Rhett out of the baby tub in the big tub.  He is one slippery boy when he gets wet, but thankfully ME's tub has the rough stuff on the bottom.  He loves this new freedom, and between these two, I end up wet every time!
Finally got my blue frames from Mother's Day hung

Love Rustic Creations!
 We will be in Olympic mode around here this exciting!  But what in the world were the opening ceremonies about?  I guess we just didn't get it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

37 Weeks

 37 Weeks Old

Yummy yummy

 This post finally gets me up to date!  Yay!  Rhett boy had a big week!  He FINALLY decided to roll from back to belly!  Now he can go both ways.  On the same day he rolled, I went in his room after nap and he was on his hands and knees with his belly lifted, rocking back and forth.  Wowzer!  We are about to have a mobile boy!  I took the above picture, because we probably need to go ahead and lower the crib, which makes it not as cute, but safety comes first.  Especially if he starts trying to pull up...don't want him flipping out of there.  It's funny since he has been trying to crawl he hasn't been napping as well or as long.  I guess he rolls around in bed working on his moves instead of going to sleep.  Ha!
Sister wanted to feed him breakfast

We are so thankful for hand-me-down jammies...even if it means wearing Christmas in July ;)

We had a pretty low key week.  ME got to jump another day with Miles this week.  We have been going with small groups on preschool days to avoid the big kids.  We also hung out with Miles and MK another day this week at Renaissance.  Kristy and I are going to force our kids to be friends so we can hang out since she's staying home now.  ;)  The rest of the week we stayed home and went to our pool.  I've finally conquered taking them down by myself.  After you get past the dreaded sunscreen it's actually pretty fun!  And there's just something I love about eating lunch by the pool.  I  know we need to enjoy it as much as we can because summer will be gone before you know it.  I don't even know where June went, much less July?  And with August comes ME bday party planning.  So excited!

Monday, July 23, 2012

36 Weeks

36 Weeks Old
This cracks me up!

So, after all the vacation pics I tortured you with, I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the lack of this week.  Besides, the sleeping baby pic above is cute enough to last forever in my opinion.  How sweet is he???  This week we had finally recovered from our travels and got out and about with our friends.  We had breakfast and played in the fountains with the Newmans.  We went to storytime and had lunch with the Dimons.  Played at Pump it Up with the Dimons and Joneses.  And we swam and had a picnic with the Mullises.  Fun, fun summer times!