Friday, June 21, 2013

VBS and Swim Ranch

 This week has been super busy.  Rhett had swim lessons every day, and we had VBS at night.  It was all about David.  Julie and I taught the 2 year old class, and this is Rhett on the last night when we learned about King David.  I am totally amazed that he sits still and does as well as he does in class.  He only starting going to Bible class in December when we moved into our new church building, and even then he was sitting in the table seats, so I wasn't sure how he'd do in real chairs.  And ME loved every minute of it, especially the skits each night.  She followed David around after it was over like he was some kind of celebrity.  Well, I guess he is a pretty big one from the Bible. ;)

This is Rhett passed out after the last night of VBS.  We were worn out from staying up late!

 And my big boy took his first swim lessons at the Swim Ranch!  And just about hated it for 3 days, but came around by the end.  He definitely does not love the water like his sister, but I'm going to keep working on him.  That pretty much sums up our week.  Here are a few pics from the iphone since we've been back in Arkansas.
Cookie dessert by the pool

Hot morning at the park

Getting ready to go swim at Mimi's house with Reese and Eli

Rick's Bakery for breakfast
Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market

Trampoline time at Juju's house

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


 The Fayetteville Public Library is going to be our friend this summer.  And probably year-round, actually.  It is so nice and kid-friendly.  They have lots of events and activities this summer that I have already put on our calendar.  Today, they had a little petting zoo come.  Rhett ran around saying "EIEIOOO" and ME was thrilled to feed the animals.

 After lots of hand sanitizer and some book and computer and puzzle playtime in the library, we ate at one of my favorites in Fayetteville, Hammontree.  Perfect cheesy grilled cheese for the kids and fancy brie grilled cheese for me.

Rhett likes pickles.


Monday, June 10, 2013


Today, I had the first semi-normal day I have had with my kids in probably 3 weeks. (If you can call living in a hotel and doing laundry at my sister-in-laws house semi-normal!) But it is our new normal until we sell our house and settle into our new life in Fayetteville or Springdale or wherever we decide to buy. Y'all, please pray for our house to sell quickly (and for a decent price). This mama just does not do well during transition and uncertain times. Life is just crazy right now and will be for a while. Anyway, back to today...I had such a great day with my kiddos. I enjoyed them so much! Snuggling with both kids in bed with me watching Mickey Mouse. Mary Ella jumping on the trampoline at Julie's saying, "Mama, watch this!" about a million times. Playing ring around the rosies and all falling down. Taking turns choosing books, but still fighting over Mommy's lap. Cleaning Cheeto fingers. Folding little clothes. ME and Mommy time until brother woke up from his nap. Rhett jumping face first into the pool. Funny conversation over Japanese take-out. Wet babies wrapped in towels. Playtime (with no fighting) before bed. Rhett shaking his hand and quoting Mommy's "back to the zoo" in Good Night Gorilla. Folded hands for prayer. Rhett said "Gigi and Papa" and "amen." Holding tight hugs and kisses...

So, you're probably thinking what's the big deal? Aren't you home with your kids everyday doing those things? Yes, I am. But some days I'm too busy to ENJOY it. I spend more time disciplining and making sure they are fed, clean, and dressed than I do actually enjoying it.  Does that make sense? So, I try to remember the words of Jen Hatmaker above, and I can honestly say that today I did. Please God, forgive me and take away the distractions for the days when I don't.

Monday, June 3, 2013

First Dance Recital

ME and Audrey Kate ready for dress rehearsal

We could only take pics during dress rehearsal.  That's why Ms. Emily is on stage.

Ready to dance


All of the little ladybugs

Formation change

Looking for her number

Toe and tap

Blow a kiss

Grouchy ladybug...she did a great job at rehearsal, but girl was so tired from the week we had!

Sweet friends

Getting ready for the big day
 Please excuse the ladybug picture overload!  I was so, so proud of my big girl.  Thank you to Gigi and Papa and Mia and Jenn and Super Uncle Cole for being in the audience for Snow White and Friends! We absolutely loved being at MMDA this year, and we're not sure how another dance studio could compare to it or Ms. Emily.  What a fun year culminating in a fabulous recital at Jackson Academy!
I never have my picture taken with my kids, but I seemed to make it in quite a few this day.

Hair, make-up, costume, so fun!  And a tad stressful as a "dance mom."  Ha!  But look at that smile!  I love it!

Wings get in the way

I told her to pose, and this is what she gave me.

Oh my!

Mia and her girl

Gigi love

Oh, Emma, we will miss you!

Backstage sillies

We grabbed Ms. Emily for a pic afterward.  Sis did every step!

Flowers from Mia

Flowers from Gigi

Roses from mommy and daddy

Family pic with the performer...Rhett is MIA because I got a babysitter for him.  Best.decision.ever.  This day was all about our girl!

We got to say bye to Betsy Bird on the way out.
Breakfast at Another Broken Egg, dance recital at JA, ladybug perfection, early supper at Corner Bakery.  "What's next?" Mary Ella would ask.  Time to pack up and move to Arkansas!  Thank you to United Van Lines (and Gigi and Papa for taking the kids) for a few hours to catch up on the ol' blog while you pack my house!