Saturday, November 28, 2015

I, J, and K

I is for ice cream!
J is for jump!  At the trampoline park

K is for Kentucky (goofy face and all)!  We got to visit friends for a few days in Paducah while Dad went deer hunting.  The kids loved playing with Scott and Kimberly's girls, MacKenzie, Audrey, and Elena.  We did lots of playing and movie watching, lots of eating, went to the trampoline park there, and just got all caught up with old friends.  And learned the exciting news that Kimberly is expecting! 
Even in Kentucky you have to cheer on the Hogs...yay for a win over LSU!
Rolling in the jeep in Kentucky
We even got to see Christmas lights and had our first Santa sighting at Patti's restaurant.  This Santa and Mrs. Claus were the cutest I have ever seen.  Mrs. Claus stood back while the kids approached Santa.  She asked me questions about them and then mouthed to Santa things about them like their names, ages, Christmas lists, schools, etc.  It was adorable!  And completely convincing to the kiddos.

Rhett turns 4!

We had such a fun Mommy and Rhett day on his birthday!  We started out with balloons, streamers, and donut holes.  After we took sis to school, we went to the trampoline park.  We were practically the only ones there, so Mama went full out and did all the jumping too.  It was so fun!  After the trampoline park we went to Rick's to pick out a little birthday treat.  Then, we met Daddy for lunch at Rhett's choice, TJ's (the pbj place).  There was about a week that the house was covered in birthday toys, army men, Ninja turtles, cowboys and Indians, Star Wars weapons, and Lego's.  And then Mama was like, ok let's find a place for it and then choose one thing at a time! ;)
Rhett got a Star Wars sleeping bag from NaNa.  One afternoon they got out their tents and pretended to camp.  When we opened the sleeping bag, ME was like it's too small.  I said, "Well, it's only meant for one person."  They found a way to make it work. ;)

Rhett's 4th birthday party

Rhett's 4th birthday party was the easiest one I've ever done.  Julie and I decided to do a joint party for Rhett and Gracie at the Amazeum.  They pretty much provided everything but the cake.  Now, Rhett was set on a Star Wars Rebels cake.  I don't even know what that is.  He doesn't even know what that is.  I guess he's gotten interested in Star Wars because he hears Eli and Trey talking about it.  I just couldn't do a Star Wars cake.  I'm sorry.  I showed him pictures of dinosaur cakes, robot cakes, truck cakes, Ninja Turtle cakes, Lego cakes, but he wasn't having any of it until I mentioned army men.  So, we settled on army men cupcakes.  So...I purchased $15 Sams cupcakes and a bag of plastic army men, and I squished them down into the icing on top.  Bam!  It was mostly a family party with a few friends thrown in.  The kids started in the museum, we took a break for cake and presents, and then back to play.  Everyone enjoyed themselves!

So ornery at 4 years!

There was a new dinosaur exhibit!  The party was on a Sunday, and sis was just at the museum on a field trip the Wednesday before.  She told us that they were working on a dinosaur exhibit, but we had no idea it would be open.  It was perfect for Rhett!  He kept coming to me and saying, "Let's go back to the Jurassic World."

In my opinion this is the coolest thing at the museum, a topographic map that changes as you create it.  You can move the sand to make mountains, valleys, and waterways.  So cool!

Happy birthday to you!

Gracie had a Cinderella cake!
Present time!

Iphone party pics...
Yes, they ended up completely soaked!