Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I heart summer!

Banana pops
 I have always been a summertime kind of girl, but having kiddies to enjoy it with makes it even more fun!  Here's a few things we've been up to:
Dandelion blowin' and wildflower pickin'

Nutella mustache and bed head

He loves to "shoot" stuff with his bow and gun.

Ca-raaazy nap head

She must have squirted or splashed him.  He is not a fan of water near his head.

She'll get wet anytime!

Early birthday present...a new bicycle!  We are going camping at the beach next week and wanted to ride bikes, so we fixed her up early with a princess bike.

She wanted it to have a basket.  And now she wants a dog to carry around in the basket...not gonna happen

It's VBS this week!

And lots of pool time!

Yay for summer!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

11th Anniversary and Father's Day

Brad and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary over the weekend.  Joe and Rita kept the kids all weekend, so we were able to mix some fun with some relaxation.  Friday night we ate at Chuy's, which is sooo good, and watched You've Got Mail because we couldn't find a movie we wanted to go to or rent.  Saturday morning we got up and got ready, had breakfast in Eureka Springs, and did some shopping in Branson before settling into our room at the Chateau on the Lake.  We had a yummy dinner there and an even better brunch Sunday morning.
We gave Daddy his Father's Day gifts early since we were going out of town, and this is Rhett not wanting to take a pic with Daddy.  We got him up from his nap for the occasion, so he was a little grumpy.
Still grumpy

Bribed him with a piece of old pop tart on the counter, so we got a little smile.

We made the "We love Dada" shadowbox before I saw these brilliant ideas...
Love the shoes and ties
I wonder what mine would say...maybe next year or anytime really.  I'm putting them on here, so hopefully I will remember the ideas for next year!
My cousin sent me this picture of my dad and brother on Sunday.  It made me happy to know he is still remembered and thought of.  I know I think about him and miss him everyday.  I wish so badly that he was here to see my kids.  He would have been one fun and crazy grandpa!  And I'm pretty sure he would think they hung the moon, just like Mia does.
Daddy and me

Love and miss you, Daddy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Anna turns 10!

 I cannot believe my first niece is turning 10!  We celebrated with a pool party Monday evening.  It has been rainy and not so warm here, so the kids were the only ones brave enough to get in the water.

Happy birthday, Anna!

Rhett spent most of his time in the "hot pool" as he calls it.

And riding like a bat...with Gracie

Today was actually warm and sunny, so we went to pool and had a blast.  Here's to more summer days by the is June, by the way, NWA!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Camping Out

Trey and Eli playing war
 Last Friday night we went out and camped with Randy and Lindsay at Hickory Creek.  They have a beast of an RV, and we love to help them enjoy it! ;)
 Saturday was rainy, but that didn't stop us. We rode bikes, played at the playground, caught fireflies, roasted marshmallows, dug up worms, caught fish, fried fish, and just got all around f.i.l.t.h.y.!
 Rhett was so pooped he was begging for a nap.  I finally got his blanket and paci and put him in the bed in the RV. He took a long nap.
 Brad and Randy went fishing Saturday morning on the lake.  When they got back to the campground they took the kids down to the water and fished from the bank.  They started catching perch and sent them back in nets for the kids to put in the pool (we were having a fish fry that night).  So, I think 5 or 6 perch were caught, and Lindsay caught a good bass. So, it was pretty hilarious watching the fish swim and the kids watch/catch/release/torture them in the kiddie pool.  After the fish were caught, the boys went inside and napped for 3-4 hours until it was time to fry the fish.  The problem with that was the kids had that long to watch/play with/bond/name the fish.  They had become quite attached to "Big Bob" the bass.  So, when Brad got up and got ready to filet Big Bob, Rhett practically threw himself between the fish and knife.  He started crying saying, "Nooo, Dada!  Don't cut Big Bob!"  It was humorous and a little sad at the same time.  All of the kids were sad to see him go, and a little disturbed that he was dying just so we could eat him.  It felt a little like an episode of Duck Dynasty with Phil Robertson preaching about living off the land and killing and eating.  Brad got what meat he could off the bigger perch, but I think the kids' saving grace was getting to go back down to the water and release the smaller ones.
Catching the perch

Lindsay and Big Bob
 Rhett told everyone at church on Sunday about Big Bob.  He said, "Dada knifed Big Bob."  Ha!
Boy eating pretzels after his long nap

After supper game of football broke out

Rhett showed up anywhere there was a dog pile ;)

These kids are camping fools!