Monday, December 29, 2014

Fayetteville Square

 My mom, Cole, and Jenn came into town a few days before Christmas.  I was sooo thankful we didn't have to travel at all this year.  Plus I love hosting!  One night while they were here, we took our annual trip to the square to see the lights.  And ate at Hammontree, of course!

On the way to the square, I told the kids that we would look at the lights and see Santa, and they could pick one other thing to do.  ME picked a pony ride, and Rhett chose... the camel.  Ha!  We all walked around together, but it was pretty crowded, so we split up for the animal rides.  I took the boy and the camera and headed for the camel. 
He was so excited!

Cracks me up

Sweet story about the blue balloon...Cross Church was giving them out on the square, and ME and Rhett got one.  Rhett's lasted .2 seconds before he let it go and began to cry.  ME (who had spotted the balloons before we ever made it to the square and wanted one) decided to give hers up to cheer up brother.  Daddy quickly tied it to his jacket, so we didn't have a repeat.  Made him easy to keep up with ;)



Open mouths seem to be a trend
Go Hogs Go

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Party

Mary Ella's last day of school was pajama party day.  Rhett go in on the action too. ;)

 They also sang Christmas carols.

I only have about 5,000 other Christmas-y photos to share.  Stay tuned...

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

 We hosted Brad's family for Thanksgiving this year.  It sometimes seems unreal that we're really home and don't have to travel all over the country for the holidays.  Rita said she sure was glad that she didn't have to drive to Mississippi to eat my dressing.  So am I!

Rita made this beautiful arrangement.  ME provided the turkey.

Kids' table

ME has really been into watercolor lately, so I let them do a little Thanksgiving painting.  ME- Indians, Rhett- pilgrims

And we made turkeys.  The kids have been all ready to start Christmas stuff, but I've been holding it off until after Thanksgiving.  It's time now though!

Turkeys, turkeys everywhere!

The spread



 Friday evening we went down to my mom's for round two on Saturday.  It was great to see my family, but I sure am glad they're coming to our house for Christmas!

My most precious blessings!  I could only be more thankful for Jesus.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Program

Yesterday was Mary Ella's Thanksgiving program at her preschool.  Her class sang a turkey song and joined the whole school for a few more songs.  Then, Gigi and Papa joined us for Thanksgiving lunch.  Bring on the holidays!

My two turkeys