Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mia's Princess

You've seen Cinderella...

But do you know Sleeping Beauty?

And Belle?

And Snow White?

And trashy flapper girl?

As you can see, Mary Ella is all about dressing up these days. So, needless to say, we are getting Mia's money's worth out of the costumes. It really makes no sense to put her in regular clothes if we are going to be around the house because they are just coming off for her princess duds. Heck, I can't even keep panties on her half the time! She is just too funny! She loves to put only the skirts on and pull them up to her chest like a dress...hmm...and she is such a girl and already knows how to fish for a compliment. She comes in and says, "Look at me. I so pretty." And I say, "Yes, you are so pretty." She acts so surprised and says, "Thank you!"

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bam Bam Bama

Brad's boss is an Alabama fan, so he found 2 tickets to the game in Tuscaloosa on Saturday and we made the 3 hour trip and back to see our Razorbacks. It was a huge game, and everybody was talking about it. Nobody thought we would win, but I knew if we were going to have an SEC championship season like we have been dreaming about, this was the game that would make or break us. Well, we're broke! And I know that isn't good English, but it was terrible! Their defense made our poor players look like school boys. I'm going to go ahead and say they will probably go undefeated, at the very least nobody is going to beat them at home. We haven't lost all hope yet, because I think we may have a chance to win out. (LSU or USC are scary, but Texas A&M might be tough too). You never know in the SEC! The atmosphere at Bama was awesome! They are proud of their elephant or wave or whatever their mascot is, and they should be. Lots of championships and tradition there! The fun pretty much ended after I took these pictures. Tyler Wilson did throw an awesome touchdown pass at the back of the end zone, and our defense did make an impressive goal line stop, but other than that, we didn't have anything to brag about. Thank goodness the Alabama fans were nice...but really who would mess with Brad with his 33 week preggo wife beside him? So sorry that was your first game experience, little Rhett. And we were even more sorry to be paying a babysitter $8 an hour for 12 hours back home to keep our precious. Oh well, it can only go up from here! Go Hogs!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rhett's Surprise Shower

Sunday at lunch at Marketplace Julie got the keys from Mike and said, "I'm going to go pick up those ballet shoes." I thought it was a little weird to be picking up shoes on a Sunday, but I didn't think anything about it. She got up early and left, and I was going to give Mike and the kids a ride home. I made my way to Mike and Julie's. Anna led Mary Ella up to the house while I stayed back and cleaned up some trash out of the car. I was thinking about getting back to Joe and Rita's and getting packed to head home. I was the last one in the house, and when I walked in everyone was standing in the living room and yelled, "Surprise!" I was like, "What?" I saw presents on the coffee table and thought they were for my birthday, but, no, I asked for no gifts and had already received money for my camera. Everyone was excited, and I was confused. They said, "Read the sign." It said, "It's a boy." I was like, "Who's pregnant?" I wondered if Julie and Mike had gotten some news about the adoption that I didn't know about. I looked at Julie, and she looked extra excited. I seriously wondered if she was pregnant.
This is me looking so confused. It was a stupid reaction...of course it was a shower for Rhett! How obvious! But I was honestly and sincerely clueless. Plus, you have to know this family. They keep no secrets...most of them, including my husband, don't even like surprises. So I guess I just figured if I was having a shower for Rhett I certainly would have known about it. Really wasn't expecting it at all...and I had been with them for days, so I can't believe how nobody let it slip. Especially Julie! She is like her brother and shows or tells me gifts before the appropriate time to give them. Ha! So, thanks for the surprise! It was wonderful to see family and friends and celebrate Rhett. Seeing his name on things makes it so real and exciting!

ME enjoying her very first Rick's petifor! Yummy!

ME hung out in Anna's room while I opened gifts.

The loot...got lots of cute Razorback gear! Thanks everyone!

First Razorback hat and Houndstooth tee from Gigi and Papa- and the Razorback fans say, "Amen!" And can you believe those Seven jeans? Oh my!


JuJu hooked us up on the Polo and swaddle blankets and burp cloths.

Love the Gone with the Wind reference...Thanks Dixie!

Hat and booties from Mia

He got 2 handmade blankets from 2 Aunt Nancy's!

And these will be treasured forever. Thanks Linda!

Crazy Week in Arkansas

Last week we had a fun, but crazy week in Arkansas. Brad was traveling to Arizona for the week, so Mary Ella and I decided to make one more trip back home before settling in until Rhett's arrival. He flew out on September 11th (hated that) and we drove to Hope to see my family first. Monday was my birthday, and we celebrated with Amigo Juan and cookie cake. Yum!
This pregnant girl was not putting on the sombrero to dance, but ME was a good sport!

Tuesday, Mary Ella was sick all morning with a stomach bug, so we snuggled up on the couch with Mia and movies. Poor baby! Don't know how we've been so lucky not to experience that yet, but we survived. Wednesday we visited with Nanny and Pa, and ME got to ride their new gator. We rode over to Cole's house to check out his new pond. ME had to "frow rocks" in it!
Thursday we drove to Fayetteville to spend the rest of the week with Brad's parents. Friday ME stayed at NaNa's while Julie and I shopped and had lunch at Hammontree. I also picked up my pictures from Jessica and got a hair appointment with Angie, my fav stylist, still miss her! Friday night Julie, Mike, the kids, Joe, Rita, ME, and I went out to eat for my birthday supper. I chose a new Mexican restaurant I had seen open by Target. Bad idea! It was absolutely horrible food, and one of the worst dining experiences ever! But it sure made for a funny memory...until the next morning. Rita and I both got sick! I blamed it on the the bad Mexican food until I remembered that we had the same thing for lunch the day before. But apparently it wasn't that either because Joe got sick the following Monday. I guess it all started with ME's bug. ANYWAY, Rita and I missed Reese and Eli's birthday party Saturday because of it. Papa was so sweet to take care of ME all day, including taking her to the party.
It was a princess/superhero party! Here is the Green Lantern, Trey.

Birthday girl, Reese

Wonderwoman, Anna

Birthday boy, Eli, and the Spidermen

ME apparently hung out with Uncle Leonard

The girl cousins

Thanks, Joe, for taking care of ME when I was sick! And happy birthday Reese and Eli! I cannot believe y'all are 4! Sunday I was feeling much better and got to enjoy church and lunch at Marketplace with the fam. We went over to Julie's after lunch, and I was blown away by a surprise shower for Rhett! I have no idea how they pulled that one off, but it was so special! I'll post pics from that soon! I'd like to say the craziness ended there, but as we were driving back to my mom's to spend Sunday night, I hit a deer! I was just a few houses from making it...geez! It was the 4th one on the trip that had come close to jumping in front of me, but that ol' girl wasn't smart enough not to go for it. She was small and low to the ground, so it didn't hurt us or the suburban. I didn't do anything to stop it...ever since I got in trouble by Mr. H.B. Stewart in driver's ed for swerving to miss a squirrel...I don't brake or swerve for animals. Especially not with 2 babies in the car. If it comes down to you or my babies, watch out! The rest of the trip was uneventful. We spent one more night at my mom's and then headed back to Daddy and Jackson on Monday.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hog Wild

We are all decked out today in Razorback red!

Wreath out

Kiss the piggy for luck

And I decorated my kitchen for the season!

Loving crisp, green apples (especially with caramel dip)

We love our Hogs!