Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Program

Yesterday was Mary Ella's Thanksgiving program at her preschool.  Her class sang a turkey song and joined the whole school for a few more songs.  Then, Gigi and Papa joined us for Thanksgiving lunch.  Bring on the holidays!

My two turkeys


Gracie's 4th Birthday Party

Look at Rhett's face ;)
Gracie's birthday party was the day after Rhett's.  It was a Mulan/gymnastics party where all the girls in the family take gymnastics.  So, ME was in her element and had a blast.  Rhett's feet never make it out of the observation area, so he was pumped to be out there, to say the least!
Stretching and listening to the rules

Check out Rhett's bridge ;)

Anna showing him the ropes.

Birthday girl

Happy birthday, dear Gracie!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rhett turns 3!

Last night with his paci
 After a weekend of birthday festivities, Rhett's actual birthday was pretty low key.  Mia stayed for his day, so that was special.  I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and we basically hung out most of the day playing and doing whatever the birthday boy wanted.  We have been saying when he turns 3 that he won't need diapers or a paci anymore. We conquered potty training, but he still wasn't too thrilled about letting the paci go.  The night before his birthday he let me rock him and snuggle him and love on him. And we had a paci pep talk about it being the last night before his paci goes away.  He said, "Mama, I want to stay 2 forever."  The day of his birthday I tried to talk him out of it at nap time, but I couldn't say no to the birthday boy.  And then I made Brad put him to bed that night.  I was being a chicken...ha!  He said as they were reading and talking Rhett said, "Just one more night, Daddy."  Ha!  Boy loves his paci and blanket.  Now, before you start thinking how ridiculous this sounds, it's not like we have let him run around with it in is mouth 24/7.  At least all of 2 it has stayed in the bed for naps and bedtime only.  He's been such a stinking good sleeper his whole life, it was a little traumatic for all of us to have it taken away!  But he'll be fine.  He still hasn't given up asking for it before going to sleep though. ;)  And the last part of the big boy change hasn't happened yet, but it will be soon...a big boy bed.  You can see above how low his crib is.  Why he has never tried to climb out, (because he totally could, probably safely) I do not know.  Mia helped with buying his new bedding for his birthday.  All that's left to do is get a mattress set and convert the crib into a full size bed.  All of these changes seem like such a big deal for him, (or me because he's my baby) when ME was done with pacis and diapers and baby bed at 2.  I think it must be different with the baby of the family.  Or maybe ME just got put on the fast track because Rhett was up and coming.  Anyway, sigh!  He's growing up on Mama!  The full-sized bed should be interesting.  I'm not sure I trust him being free to roam the house at all hours.  There's no telling what he might get into.  I'm pretty sure he's going to hit the ground running though instead of lounging and playing in bed with his stuffed animals with blanket and paci for...oh, however long I choose to leave him in there. ;)  The other Saturday morning I could hear him on the monitor, but I was waiting Brad out to get up and get him.  And I guess he was waiting me out, because he never got up.  Finally, Mia rescued him from the confines of the crib.  He came downstairs and busted into our room.  I mean like busted in.  We have double doors, and he pushed them open so hard that they both banged on the door stoppers.  Then he climbed up in bed and started jumping on us.  I'm thinking that will be our new everyday reality when he is loose for good. ;) 
Sister bringing in the balloons from his party

Birthday balloons and streamers

"I'm free!"

Throwing his balloons downstairs.

Happy birthday to you!

Love the eyebrows
Love you my precious birthday boy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rhett's 3rd {Monster} Birthday Party

Rhett wanted to have a "monster" birthday party, and since his bday is so close to Halloween and we have people over for that anyway...I thought I would combine the two events into one.  It was so fun, and I loved the way it all turned out!  Basically, my fall/Halloween decorations were the decorations.  And the monster cake went right along with ghosts and pumpkins and such.

Halloween party mix

Pumpkin sugar cookies
ME helped me with the marshmallows

And the sprinkles on the ghost cookies

Party favors

Glow sticks for trick-or-treating
Cookies to go

Mummy and ghost cookies (Oreos and Nutter Butters)
I LOVED the way the cake turned out!  Rick's never disappoints!

Monster on top

He was talking to the monsters on the cake.

"Bye bye monsters!"

My little pumpkins

Birthday boy scary "cheese" face

So thrilled about taking pictures

Excited about the party...not excited about party pics...the life of a 3 year old ;)

Getting ready for guests to arrive

He even loves taking pics with Gigi ;)

2 Elsas

Angry baby, Trey
Chasing the girls up the stairs

Watching for trick-or-treaters

Dinosaurs gotta eat too

Getting ready to trick-or-treat
Monster on the loose!

Pretty much sums up ME's night

Time for presents
And cake!
Happy birthday to you!
Ring pop in one hand, shoveling cake with the other
Much more to come about this 3 year old...