Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa says...

I thought I'd leave you with one more holiday pretty. And since our holidays came to a screeching hault today, I want to have this handy to watch anytime I need to remember just how special this Christmas was. Today we are back at home, and tomorrow the movers come. That means I had to take down my decorations pronto, put away the Christmas gifts, decide what to take and what to store, do laundry, clean dishes...ugh! All with a little angel running around with a Santa ornament saying, "Ho, ho, ho!" Poor thing doesn't know that it's over, and she sure has no idea what's about to happen. But her precious little face helps me keep things in perspective... every now and then I stopped to let her take my hand and lead me where she wanted to go. I love this girl so much! It took me all of December to get her "ho, ho, ho" on video, and we may still be listening to it in January, but I'll love it just the same!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas Day in Hope

Cole and Jenn

The fam

We got to Hope around noon on Christmas day, just in time for a yummy lunch! Mia had been working all week getting ready for us to come. It was the best Christmas ever...because of this little one!

Jingle bells

Silly face

Mary Ella loves her some Molly!

It's a good thing she's a good natured dog!

After lunch we opened presents with Nanny and Pa.

I think this was Molly's 11th Christmas?

Nanny and Mama looking at their 12 months of ME calendar.

Nanny and Pa got her a tricycle!

She knows it's supposed to go, just not sure how to make it!

She looks so big!

Thanks Nanny and Pa!

Time for a nap- when Nanny and Pa went home, ME took a nap. We opened our presents while she slept so when she woke up...

It was all about her!

She finally gets it! And she was ripping paper off gifts and handing it to Cole to put in the trash bag. How fun!

Feeding her little baby

Mia got her a play hair set and a ridiculous amount of toys and clothes. This girl is spooooiled!

The biggest hit of the night...her new kitchen!

Yum! She has all kinds of new dishes and food and untensils for cooking! Super Uncle Cole and Jenn even sewed her a new apron and oven mits!

Can you believe Cole designed the oven mits? I don't know what has gotten into him! He and Jenn put together the kitchen too!

Happy Christmas to all! And to all a good night!

Thanks everybody!

And the FINAL round...Sunday after church we went over to Cathy and Jerry Don's house for Christmas with my cousins.


Santa came!

Santa came and enjoyed a bite of red velvet cake ball.

Ready and waiting!

Here she comes around the corner!

She went straight to her baby stroller!

Hmm...what next?

LOVE the expression on her face! Captures the excitement of Christmas morning!

Feeding her baby in her new high chair

New dishes!

Disney princesses!

Books are my favorite!

Baby Einstein!

Christmas morning was so much fun! We usually spend Christmas Eve night with Brad's parents and drive to my mom's early Christmas morning. But I really wanted to be at home this year for Mary Ella's first Santa experience, so we came to LR and woke up at our house Christmas morning. I was so excited I could barely sleep! It was so much fun getting things ready and seeing the excitement on her little face as she saw what was under the tree and in her stocking. We let her play while we got ready to head to Hope.

Christmas breakfast- leftover pizza
I know it's terrible, but I had no groceries.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at Gigi and Papa's

We gave Daddy his present first thing in the morning. He got a Razorback sign for his new office or Razorback room, and a new watch. My present won't be ready until after Christmas, but I think I'm going to like it! Next, we got ready and started cooking for lunch. We have been doing brunch for the past few years instead of a traditional Christmas meal, but this year Rita took requests. Brad and Julie wanted her brisket, so that's what we had! I made twice baked potatoes and green bean bundles. We also had deviled eggs, seven layer salad, vegetable casserole, rolls, and unlimited desserts! Next, presents!

Mary Ella was a little overwhelmed with the whole thing. The kids took turns opening their presents, and by the time it was her time to open again, she had wandered off and gotten into someone else's toys. She did got lots of cute clothes, videos, a toy pot that talks, a monogrammed backpack, and her big gift from Gigi and Papa- a table and chairs! Can't wait to get it all set up in the new house. Thanks everyone!



Anna Claire


Christmas is crazy!

We were so glad Oma was with us!

Happy Christmas Eve!