Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hay Rides and Such

ME drew this picture on the driveway.  It is her under a rainbow, clouds, and sun.  She is standing by a tree with a swing hanging down and slide.  And a couple butterflies thrown in.  You can't see the whole thing, but she wrote, "God made fall."
 We are having an absolutely beautiful fall!  The trees are exploding with color, and the weather has been perfect.  We're trying to enjoy every minute before it gets too cold to be out.  Just a collection of happenings that I happened to grab my camera for...
The Huffmaster bonfire and hayride

On our way to the Mt. Comfort Fall Festival

Love for one another

Horse riding, bonfire, cookout, and outdoor service at church

Rhett was too busy building rock piles to ride horses.

We made a haunted Halloween village.

Rhett stealing a candy corn.

Pics from a Sunday morning

Crack me up

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Silver Dollar City

 Brad was off on Columbus Day, so we took a little day and night trip to Branson and took the kids to Silver Dollar City (or Fun Dollar City as Rhett says or Steal Your Dollar City as Brad calls it).  The kids had the best, best time.  It was their first time to go, only my second time.  Brad and I went once while we were dating.  I'm surprised the kids rode any rides after our first one, fire in the hole.  It is a roller coaster that it mostly in the dark.  Rhett said for the rest of the day, "I don't like fire in the hole.  I don't want to ride fire in the hole."  They loved the kiddie rides though.  And it wasn't crowded, so they got to ride over and over.  The big swings were probably our favorite.  And the food. ;)

And they're still talking about milking this cow.

So, all day I was trying to be fun mom.  I'm sure you can't imagine that I'm not "fun mom" all day everyday, but I'm not. ;)  When you're responsible for 2 small children there's a lot of thought and caution and care and discipline and structure and other stuff that comes before, "let's throw all caution to the wind and have some fun."  Some days it's just about keeping them alive and fed.  I know I need to relax. ;)  So, when Brad suggested riding a water ride on a 60 degree day, I wanted to say that I didn't think that would be a good idea.  It was just against my better judgement, and every boat that came by was empty, and... but I bit my tongue.  The whole trip was his idea, so I didn't want to burst his bubble.  And I was being fun mom!  Right?  But not fun enough to get on there.  I said that I would just sit this one out, but they were welcome to go ahead.  Well, no one was indeed on the ride, but them.  So, they got to shoot the water cannons to their hearts' delight.  BUT, so did another kid.  In a poncho.  That went to every shooting station outside the ride and shot AT the boat.  So, you get to shoot water guns on the ride, but you also get them shot AT you.  We didn't know that piece.  And this kid followed that boat to every station and SOAKED Brad and the kids, like in the face.  I mean like Brad begged him to stop spraying water at the kids, but he wouldn't.  I'm so glad we didn't run into that kid in the park, because I don't know what Brad would have done.  Rhett didn't get it too bad because Brad kind of shielded him under his arm.  ME's shirt eventually dried out, but she was freezing until it did.  And I don't think Brad ever fully recovered.  He was so mad AND wet.  So, the above picture is what it looked like before they entered the torture zone.

After drying out on the swings

They loved the jumping frogs.

Perfect fall day!  And we made the most of it from open to close.  Good job and thanks for the memories, Daddy!  Our hotel room was a suite, and there was a door between our bedroom and the living area where the kids were on a pull-out couch.  After we put them to bed, we closed the door.  They probably giggled and talked and played for 30 minutes before they went to sleep.  I just couldn't stop smiling listening to them because we have finally seemed to hit the sweet spot of them getting along and playing well together, and it makes my heart so happy.  When they quieted down, I peeked in and they were sleeping all snuggled up together.  Ahhh...they're always so sweet when they're sleeping. ;)