Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy New Year!

We kicked off 2017 right with a New Year's Eve party at the Ware's.  Surprisingly enough, we all made it to midnight!  Maybe I'll do better with the blog this year...we'll see!

Friday, January 20, 2017


Christmas on my real camera...

Cole and Jenn came the week before Christmas and stayed for a few days.  Mia went waaayyy overboard with the gifts again.

BB gun

Cole and Jenn got him real dog tags and an army hat and flashlight and canteen.

Christmas at Gigi and Papa's

Rhett made a fort out of presents.

Christmas morning.

She makes giving gifts more fun than anyone I have ever known.  She immediately loved everything she saw under the tree.  Rhett coming down the stairs saw that he did not get his top gift (a giant ankylosaurus ((his favorite dino-impossible to find)) and he began to mumble and grumble.  "That's not what I wanted," and "The elves didn't get it right."  ME found his ankylosaurus (he got one is was just a smaller version) and brought it over to him where he had crumpled on the bottom step.  Thankfully Brad caught all of this on video because it was incredible hilarious and cute and sad at the same time.

She loves her new cozy sleeping bag.

Christmas was almost ruined, but he "got used to it" and "kinda likes" it now.

Nerf jackpot

My knight in shining armor



La La Loopsy

She totally missed the ginormous gymnastics mat behind the tree.

He guesses his ankylosaurus will do. ;)

One of my most favorite Christmases ever!

December 2016

Santa cookie

A rare moment of sweetness captured on a school morning

Shaw skate night

Flurries were coming down, and he tried to catch a snowflake

This is my view from the bathtub

My little elf helping wrap

Ice skating

She got makeup for Christmas.

Making gluten free brownies for Dad

When we are home alone for lunch, Rhett moves 2 of the chairs from around the table and calls it our "two person lunch." Love him.  Like the nutella and marker on his face?

Santa pic

Christmas flashback and Papa's car

Oma and her great grands

Matching girl jammies from Nana

Mia bought the light sabers...spoils them rotten

ME can't hang shopping with Mia ;)

We had the best week before Christmas with Mia.
Movie with friends

I love having my girl in the kitchen...rice krispies with Christmas sprinkles are a must

Cousins on the Harriman side

Christmas break nap time

We made snowmen handprint and reindeer thumbprint ornaments this year.

Christmas at Gigi and Papa's house

Christmas at Nana's

Santa came

Christmas morning!

We took 3 hour naps on Christmas day.

Field trip to the Amazeum

Reindeer day at school

Christmas goodies

Christmas party and pajama day at school

GFN kid Christmas party

GFN Christmas party

Getting ready to go on our first Pajama train

Christmas party at school

Gingerbread house and Rick's cookie decorating

My table for Christmas dinner with my family