Monday, January 16, 2017

April 2016

One night they decided to have a sleepover

Saturday out to see The Jungle Book

Some sort of dress-up week at school...Western Day

Firetruck visits Sonshine School!

I worked in PreK until the end of April.  This was my first morning back to take the boys to Sonshine School...Rick's to celebrate!  Chesley and Lauren saved the day and delivered Rhett while I was working.

Mustache Day

Wear your Workout Gear 

Shaw Color Run...ME rocked the one mile fun run

Aunt Jenn came up to run with us!  I about died because I hadn't been working out or running at all!

Grandparents Breakfast at school

One night I got home from Bible study and found this sweetness in ME's bed.

Cousin trip to SDC

Stars at the Park

Razorback game with Mom and Dad

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