Tuesday, January 17, 2017

July 2016

We spent quite a bit of time at the Springdale Aquatic Center.  This was a day with Jennifer, Bonnie, and Heather.

I had a few days of training in LR, and the kids got to stay with Mia.  She took this pic of their wedding when they were there.

The day Rhett said, "I wish I could be a cat so I could have a better life."  I really should have a blog solely for Rhett quotes.

We read the BFG and then went to see the movie.

ME got her ears pierced!  We were out at lunch with Bonnie and Jennifer, and out of nowhere she said she was ready!  It was close enough to birthday time that it counted as one of her presents.  We went straight to Pigtails and Crewcuts, and they wouldn't do it because they only had one girl that was working that could do it.  One girl means one ear at a time.  Two girls would mean 2 ears at once.  So, we went to the mall to Claire's.  While I was filling out the paperwork, I didn't notice that there was only girl working and that would mean one ear at a time.  But she didn't flinch.  She was so brave and so proud and took such care with cleaning and twisting them.  We had zero problems in the 6 week cleaning period.  Then we started switching them out and here came the infections.  It has been torturous at times!  Oh the drama!  We went back to the very first pair and haven't changed them since.  She still has to clean them twice a day or they get infected.  Hopefully they will totally heal sometime soon so she can enjoy all the pretty earrings she has been given. 

One Sunday ME and Rhett got to go home with Kevin and Diann and play on the farm.

Summer trip to the Amazeum

Max's bday party at The Little Gym

Cousin trip to White Water

We got to stay a weekend at the Marvin's lakehouse.  So much fun!

Madeline's bday party

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