Monday, January 16, 2017

Kindergarten Graduation

So glad Mia could make it for the celebration!

I was a hot mess this day.  HOT MESS!  It hit me the night before, and I could not stop crying...kiinda like the first day of K.  I just cannot stand the thought of my babies growing up too fast!

It was a really sweet's too bad I had to go to my happy place and block most of it out.  Once it was over I was fine.

Our verse for the year

We love Mrs. Marshall!

ME went through this face where she "couldn't see" and needed glasses.  She faked it at school and home.  I had Teena check her eyes just in case.  We had to have a talk about honesty, and if she really wanted glasses she could just say that instead of pretending like she couldn't see.  So, she got a fake pair of glasses for graduation.  I thought she would wear them for a day or so, but it kinda lasted longer...

After graduation, we met some of her friends at the park to play.

Graduation cupcakes 

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