Friday, January 20, 2017


Christmas on my real camera...

Cole and Jenn came the week before Christmas and stayed for a few days.  Mia went waaayyy overboard with the gifts again.

BB gun

Cole and Jenn got him real dog tags and an army hat and flashlight and canteen.

Christmas at Gigi and Papa's

Rhett made a fort out of presents.

Christmas morning.

She makes giving gifts more fun than anyone I have ever known.  She immediately loved everything she saw under the tree.  Rhett coming down the stairs saw that he did not get his top gift (a giant ankylosaurus ((his favorite dino-impossible to find)) and he began to mumble and grumble.  "That's not what I wanted," and "The elves didn't get it right."  ME found his ankylosaurus (he got one is was just a smaller version) and brought it over to him where he had crumpled on the bottom step.  Thankfully Brad caught all of this on video because it was incredible hilarious and cute and sad at the same time.

She loves her new cozy sleeping bag.

Christmas was almost ruined, but he "got used to it" and "kinda likes" it now.

Nerf jackpot

My knight in shining armor



La La Loopsy

She totally missed the ginormous gymnastics mat behind the tree.

He guesses his ankylosaurus will do. ;)

One of my most favorite Christmases ever!

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