Friday, January 13, 2017

February 2016

Doesn't everyone get ready with a storm trooper in their bathroom?
Apparently, February was a quiet month around our house.  Not much to report.  I did a preK maternity leave for 12 weeks, so I'm sure I was just trying to hold on and make it through the big, bad, blue month of February.
Caught a quick pic of my girl in the hallway.  She was the teacher's helper in K.  She ran errands, checked mail, answered the phone.  Mrs. Marshall could count on her to do it all.  Until at least halfway into the year, they applied, filled out an application, and interviewed for a class job.  She wanted to be center monitor so badly (you get to use a clipboard to write down friends that are talking during centers).  It is so like her, Little Miss Bossy Pants.  She was going up against one of her best friends, Braylin, for the job.  It was a few days before we heard anything, and she was just sure she had it in the bag.  She had told Mrs. Marshall during the interview that she should get the job because she had been practicing at home (AKA writing down brother's name every time he was bad).  It was such a hard decision for Mrs. Marshall that she let on of the other K teachers, Mrs. Head decide.  I tried to prepare ME for defeat, the disappointment, being happy for her friend if she got the job, doing whatever job she got to the best of her ability.  I even talked to her about how difficult it might be to write down friends' names... She didn't care, she was sure it would be her.  It wasn't.  And it was a good lesson to learn.  She ended up getting the job of substitute, which was perfect for her.  Any day a friend wasn't at school, she got to do their job for the day.  Which meant she had to know and be able to do every job.  She loved it! 

Oh my heart

A tired Mama at a Thursday night dinner out...I'm in big trouble when I have to go back to work full time!

Brad had his first of two sinus surgeries this year

A fun day at Lake Fayetteville...she loves to "hike,"  he loves to throw rocks in the lake, they both love finding rocks, sticks, leaves, etc.

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