Friday, January 13, 2017

Spring Break

The first weekend of Spring Break was our second annual GFN Restreat.  Jessica's parents let us stay in their cabin in the middle of nowhere.  It was perfect!  I look forward to the fellowship, laughter, and "real" talk with these friends sooo much.  Somehow it's restful and energizing.  It's amazing what a different Mama my kids get after just a few days and nights away.  If only that feeling could last...

Stocking up at Mountain Home Walmart

After the girls' weekend, I took the kids down to my mom's for a few days.  She had all kinds of activities planned.  We went to Murfreesboro to dig diamonds and look at the Indian mounds.

Surprisingly, we did not find a diamond, but the kids got super dirty and had a blast.
We also visited my cousin's farm, and the kids loooved it!  They still ask when are we going back?

At Mia's house Rhett sleeps with me.  This was a night he fell asleep before I had gotten ready for bed.  So pooped he couldn't even make it for the bedtime story.

Fishing with Super Uncle Cole

Fishing with Pa

Bubbles and egg hunt

Brad was working in Shreveport, so I left the kids and got away for a night or two with him.  Hello, Superior Bar and Grill!  And cajun food!

Egg decorating with Mia

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