Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!

Ringin' in the new year right!

Christmas on the iPhone

Lunch with friends and this little man at Briar Rose
Mommy and Rhett date to see The Good Dinosaur
Buddy hung ME's beautiful paper snowflakes from the balcony.
Santa and his reindeer day at school
Gingerbread train complete
Our 14th Christmas together
Gigi got a gun for Christmas.
Beyoncé pose?
Saying bye to Buddy
Cheerio donuts for Buddy
All of the Smith grandkids
Santa came
Snoozing Christmas morning
Stalling in the playroom
Trying out her new skates!  Mama had as much fun as she did!
Put together her Elsa castle all by herself
Lunch at Tacos4Life before life gets crazy again...I was so thankful for relaxing days at home with these kiddos.  Love them so!  And we heart Christmas vacation!

More Mia

Mia, Cole, and Jenn stayed in town for a few days, so we tried to squeeze in as much fun as possible.  And I always cook anything my brother wants in hopes that he will stay longer.  So we ate a lot!  We took the kids to the trampoline park, ate at Chuy's, went to Cabela's, got sweets from Rick's, watched Christmas movies, ate at TJ's, went to see Mockingjay, and did some shopping!  We had so much fun!
Sweaty from jumping at High Rise
Photo op at Rick's
They love their Mia!
Jasmine posin'
Mia always sleeps with ME while she's here.  This time she got a bonus! Pink eye!  Rhett was red when I picked him up from Renee's the Friday before Christmas, so we got him some drops and got started.  Mia actually did a lot of the nursing.  A few days later, ME's eyes started looking red, so drops for her it was!  And then when Mama got back home, she came down with it!  Merry Christmas from the grands!
Another new gown
Captain America...we love new jammies for Christmas!

This was a sleepover with Mia round 2.  She came back for a few days to ring in the new year with us!  The kids played hard with men, hide and seek, Simon says, Star Wars, Jenga, lots of fun with new toys, and a sleep party!
A couple days after Christmas this came through Patmos and right by my brother's house.  He watched it from my front porch.  Thankfully, no one was hurt!  But, boy did we get a lot of rain in Arkansas!
My cousin took this shot of the same storm in Buckner.

Christmas Night Lights

Christmas night, after shooting our weaponry, we traveled to South Fayetteville and the Square to see the Christmas lights.  I had been wanting to do this for weeks, and we just hadn't gotten around to it.  Honestly, it was one of my favorite times, because it was a new thing we did together on Christmas.  And it wasn't as crowded out as it would have been other times.  On our way home that night, we were looking for a place that was open to stop and eat.  We ended up at Kobe, and it was very fa ra ra ra ra.  Sushi for Christmas?  Why not?  I love making memories with my sweet family!
Our first carriage ride around the square!