Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas Card outakes

 I took some pictures of the kids in Kentucky thinking I might get a good one at Scott and Kimberly's house, but the time of day was just too these goofballs...

 Then, we tried again at home before Thanksgiving.  You may not care to see all of these, but I love to see all their silly expressions!

Always a challenge! ;)

It's a Hard Knock Life

Over Thanksgiving break, ME and I went to the Walton Arts Center to see Annie.  Love a good mommy/daughter date!  We had lunch at Grub's before we went to see the show.  A few weeks ago ME said she watched Annie at school in music.  I was so excited to hear she was ready for this one!  I remember Mimi and Daddy Law taking me to see it at the Perot Theatre in Texarkana when I was a little girl.  They watched the Disney version at school, and I went to the library and checked out the old version and the new version, so she had seen all three.  It was an awesome production!
Another girlie thing she did in November was participate in the dance camp at Aunt Lindsay's school.  I wish you could see the video of her and Reese dancing the the Taylor Swift medley.  ME's jete was very dramatic and effective! ;)

Thanksgiving Feasts

Rhett had his first little school program before Thanksgiving.  He sang a few songs with the whole school and then with his class (well he didn't do a lot of singing, but he did stand up there and look cute).  We were so thankful Gigi got to come for the program and feast.
Mrs. Sandy had them dressed so cute with their headbands, vests, and arrows. 

ME had a little Thanksgiving feast too.  Their class made homemade noodles for turkey noodle soup and butter for the rolls. Here she is with her sweet friends, Kali and Braylin.

Scarlett and ME

The weekend before Thanksgiving we went down to Hope and visited my family.  It was so good to see Nanny and Pa in the same place for now.
We hosted the Harrimans for Thanksgiving again this year.  I always love entertaining!
I didn't decorate for Thanksgiving until maybe a day or two before, but digging through some stuff I found all these cute turkeys my kids had made.  L-R: ME this year, Rhett this year, ME last year

Our menu was about the same as it is every year, but I did try a new dessert.  These chocolate chip pumpkin whoopie pies were delicious!