Friday, November 22, 2013

Rhett's 2nd {Superhero} Birthday

 I was sooo thankful to be able to host Rhett's birthday party at our house!  And everyone was there!  I have to say this was my least favorite one to plan.  I just couldn't decide on a theme, and I was KILLING myself to have the house ready in time.  But since my birthday when we had breakfast at Rick's and he saw a Batman cake he INSISTED on having a "Batman cack!"  He was serious about it too, so I found a cute kit on etsy and ordered it.  Two seems too little to have a superhero birthday, but thanks to Eli we're already into it.  And I think I will probably get another use or two out of the stuff, so I give you Rhett's 2nd Batman party...

Welcome sign I stuck in the wreath on the front door

Party favors- Hershey's, M&M's, and color sheets



Bat cookies- I spotted these at Rick's before Halloween...glad they did them a few days after for me

Batman "cack"

Pretzel sticks- I went easy on this one...didn't cook a thing.  Ordered pizza and made some dips

Back of cake

These little superheroes were my favorite part of the whole thing.  I think they would be so cute framed in his big boy room some day.

Pizza's here!

Oma and her second grand

How cute is Super Uncle Cole in front of the "Happy Birthday" banner?

Birthday boy

Time for cake...waiting on Daddy to get the video camera ready

He was like...why is everybody looking at me?

He would not give the 2

"Happy birthday to you!"

He did it!

Thank you Super Uncle Cole for capturing the cake moments.

Photo bomb...look who's first in line for cake


Don't know what this face is about...that cake was good!  Aunt Lindsay made his cute Batman shirt.

Presents and Eli in a box

Gettin' crazy up in here

Yep, a choo choo and a dump truck...right up his alley
Thank you to all who made Rhett's 2nd birthday special!  Need to do his 2 year old post soon.  Another special little one had a birthday...Gracie turned 3!  Her party was the day before Rhett's.  I forgot my camera, so all I have are a few iphone pics.
She had the cutest Barbie party!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

And this was his actual birthday and 2 year old check-up.  Healthy boy!