Friday, October 30, 2015

Olaf & Anna, Olaf & Elsa

We had Olaf and Anna out for trunk or treat, but Olaf and Elsa showed up for book character day at school.  This year is a fun one!

That head!  Ha!


I can't get enough of these costumes!  It's probably the last year that Rhett can be persuaded to be what Mama wants, but I'm lovin it for now!

Enough warm hugs says Olaf.

I could eat them up!  And no, they do not spontaneously hug each other, normally.  I make them do it for pictures.

Red Ribbon Week and Halloween Party

Monday was tutu day and tie day (tutu cool to get tied to drugs)
 This was like the busiest week ever!  I don't know how the teachers were still standing at the end of the week, because I'm just on the mom side, and I'm exhausted!  It was Red Ribbon week at school, so there was some sort of fun dress up each day.  It was interesting getting a kindergarteners perspective on the drug talk at the assembly. ;)

Wednesday was superhero day (superpower is saying no to drugs)
Wednesday was mustache day (I mustache you to be drug free). I didn't get a pic of that because ME's class also went on a field trip to the Amazeum that day.  Plus we had trunk or treat that night.
Thursday was crazy hair/sock day (drug free from head to toe)
Thursday night was the fall festival

2 Annas (ME and Scarlett)

My name is Olaf and I like warm hugs.
And Friday morning was the book character parade.  Trey Marvin is in there some where.

Olaf is getting tired of the hot head. ;)

Here comes Mrs. Marshall's class!

Friday afternoon was time for class parties.  It was my first one to host as homeroom mom.  It has been so much fun to be on this side of it!  I had lots of help planning from Braylin's sweet mama, Tanae.  And how cute is Brynne?!  It's so special getting to know new families.

The party was a success!  We had snacks, games, and a craft and ended with a game of wrap the mummy.
I think I'm having as much fun with this kindergarten thing as she is.  It's so great to be back in school!  At least part time!
Love my girlie!