Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween- Part 1

 Mary Ella and I made yummy trail mix for Halloween goodie bags.  A fond memory from Halloween when I was a child was making goodie bags with my Mimi to hand out on Halloween night.  We didn't live in a neighborhood, so we always went to my grandparent's house and trick-or-treated in their neighborhood.  Just handing out candy wasn't good enough for her.  She put it in a bag, tied it up, and made it cute. I miss her and my dad so much.  It's hard to believe they have been gone for 10 years this month.  When you bury your dad and lose your grandmother on the same day, October 31st, you pretty much want to skip Halloween after that.  Until I had my babies...and it's fun all over again!  Yes, life goes on.  And that is a hard, but beautiful thing!  So are all of those sweet memories mixed with making new ones!

This is how she felt about not getting to eat it ;)

 ME got to wear her Halloween costume to gymnastics for a photo op with her class.  Aren't they adorable?
Aubrey, ME, Briley, Jane Riley, and Avery (missing Tate)

 We also dressed up for preschool story time!  Rhett was napping so I left him home with Daddy.  I told ME the other day that I was ready for a girls' day with just her and me.  I told her that when Daddy is feeling better and can take care of Rhett, that we will go do something fun and have a girls' day.  Now, anytime I am alone with her she thinks we are having a girls' day! ;) 

"Oh no, my glass slipper!"

Listening to Miss Lizzie

Costume parade!

That was just a preview of the Halloween festivities.  Stay tuned for much more...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

51 Weeks

51 Weeks...this is gettin' old folks

This just happened in .25 seconds.  And it was all Rhett.  He is into everything and just plain destructive.  Poor Mary Ella gets to clean up after him.  What a wild man!  He is got his 5th tooth this week, and number 6 is on the way. 
Mess pot!
This week was pretty normal, except for Brad being home again.  I missed the help from last week!  His recovery is going slow, but well.  I'll be glad when he's back to 100%.

Aunt Nancy made this Halloween tutu for her, and we have loved getting to wear it with all of our black and orange.

Showing me a few ballet moves.  She names and shows me the positions.  I guess she knows what she's talking about ;)

This is her arabesque...I know that's not right!

I showed her these pictures and asked if that's how Miss Emily does an arabesque.  She laughed and said, "Nooo!"

That's better!

Mr. Rhett and the pumpkin stack that he loves to knock over!

Don't try to hold him still!

Getting in the decorative candy corn

ME had a sick day on Wednesday.  She woke up calling for me, and we layed in her bed for a while.  She kept falling back asleep, waking up, and whining.  I took her to the potty and she looked very pale.  She said her mouth hurt which usually means she is going to throw up.  So, I was mentally preparing for that.  We moved to the couch with a towel over her, and she fell asleep in my arms.  That NEVER happens.  So, I ran to Walgreens to get Sprite, crackers, Gatorade, and popsicles.  After sipping on some Sprite and eating a whole envelope of crackers her tummy was feeling better ;)  She had fever all day, so we missed every Wednesday thing, but she was fine the next day.  I don't think she ever minds a sick day on the couch with endless cartoons.  I tried to keep Rhett away so he wouldn't get sick, but that is just impossible.  We did lock ourselves in his room for a while and clean out all the clothes he had outgrown and moved the new ones in.  I organized all of closet and drawers.  Love the feeling of accomplishment!
The Halloween fairy came a little early to deliver some goodies for the upcoming week.

Fancy Nancy Halloween book

Stickers and stamps for decorating Halloween cards

Notice any similarities in the above 2 pictures?

Making Halloween cards to send to our dearest loved ones...she was hoping the scaaary stamps would scare them!  Then she went and put the stickers over where she had stamped.  Ha!

It was "G" week, so we made ghost footprints.

How did I get Rhett to be still?  I didn't...I strapped him in the high chair, gave him snacks, and he didn't care what I did to his feet ;)

We also made ghost cookies (Nutter Butters) to take to a youth event at church.

ME put the Reeses in just the right place for a scary mouth.

Friday night we got a babysitter and had a birthday dinner with friends at Burgers and Blues.  Saturday was an ugggly Hog loss followed by a (literal) pig roast at the Guth's.  ME loved the bonfire and roasting marshmallows.
Sunday I taught Bible class for Susan, and it was just my kids so it got a little relaxed.

Love my pumpkin!  There is NO way he is about to be one!