Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Duck Commanders

A man on a mission with his bag of bread
 We go to story time at the library and feed the ducks almost every week.  I take Mary Ella and Rhett to the preschool story hour (ages 3-5), and Rhett and I go most weeks when sister is in school to the toddler time too.  He loves them both, and just this week sat through all the big books at sister's story time.  There is usually a fun craft, and we check-out books, play on the computers, and read and do puzzles.  When it's just Rhett and me, we could sit and read books all day.  He brings one right after the other for me to read.  Our two "Mommy and Rhett" mornings a week are so special to me.
Look at the cute baby goslings

Why the sad face?  On ME's first bread throw, her bracelet flew into the water.  She was devastated.  I was not going in to get it.  We were both thankful it was a "dress-up" bracelet instead of her cute, new one from her Easter basket.  From now on: no jewelry at the park.

Run, run for your lives!

Yep, that's Rhett.

And look at the ducklings!  And the whole piece of bread that Rhett gave them.  That's how he rolls.

Poor ducks

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter weekend, the whole fam went down to the Gaylord Texan for the Lads to Leaders Convention.  Rhett and Mary Ella didn't participate this year, but they will!  The hotel was a destination within itself.  The kids loved walking (running) around the gardens and looking at the fountains and fish and riding elevators and escalators.  We had supper Friday night at the Rainforest Cafe with my best friend, Michelle, who birthed quintuplets in March.  Crazy, right?!  It's actually a miracle and an answer to many prayers that they are all safe and healthy.  I would have gotten to see and hold the babies, but I had some sinus stuff going on so I stayed away.  But it was so good to visit with her, and see that she is okay and still my same old friend, just one that carries much more responsibility than either one of us ever could have imagined.  Prayers are still welcome for her at anytime!  Saturday we took the kids to the aquarium, and they loved it. We got all dressed up for worship on Sunday with the large group of Christians attending the convention.  On the way home, we ate brunch at a cute little diner called Sweetberries in Sherman.  The kids had hunted eggs at Gigi and Papa's house before Easter, so that had been taken care of.  And when we got home the Easter bunny had left treats in the kids' baskets.  It was a blessed Easter!  Nothing matters in the world more than a risen Savior!
Daddy picked out ME's Easter dress this year.  I think it may be the first ever article of clothing he has ever purchased or had any say in the kids wearing.  He called me from Nashville a few weeks ago and said he saw a dress he just had to buy for ME.  When I asked what it looked like he said that it looked like it would make a good Easter dress.  I thought "hmmm" we'll have to see about that.  But I didn't have to veto him.  It was so beautiful and perfect on her!  Mama added some new shoes and fancy head gear, and Rhett got a new bow tie to match.  I thought they both looked adorable!

So sweet
Love this one

And this one

And this one

You know she was feeling fancy!

Trying to get a pic of these wild ones is like trying to herd cats!

Rhett wasn't feeling the photo shoot.


And this is more accurate than the fancy poses

And that's April and pretty much gets me up to date.  How did I find the time for all the catch up blogging?  I only had to have some oral surgery.  I'm hiding out at Gigi and Papa's house, so I can rest.  Actually, Brad is keeping me away from the kids.  Rhett came down with fever the day before my surgery, and it turns out he has croup.  The next day ME started running fever, so they're all quarantined at the Harriman house.  The plan was for them to play at Gigi and Papa's house while Daddy took care of me, but when do things go as you had planned?  I'm just glad to have the surgery over and hope we'll all be well and back together soon!  

Easter Bunny

Egg Hunts

Easter egg hunt at school!

Brother came to help!

Praying before lunch

The weekend before Easter, we went down to Hope to see my family.  My grandmother had been hospitalized for an infection, and we went to visit her in rehab where we're hoping she can regain some strength and get to come home.  The kids loved playing at Nanny and Pa's house, and Daddy got to do some fishing with Pa.  Sunday after church, Cole and Jenn hosted an egg hunt at their house.  They had the perfect yard for it!

Oh, Mama loves her babies!

Pa thinks they're pretty special ;)
And the hunt is on!

Biffed it

Rhett started fussing because it seemed like sister was finding all the eggs.  Here she offers him one she found and adds, "Here, Rhett.  You sound like a whiny baby."  Thanks, sister!

Makes him feel better for a while ;)

You can see Cole's pond and food plots he has worked so hard on.

Rhett is starting to feel outdone again.

Sister shares again, lovingly I'm sure.

A little lift from Super Uncle Cole

Proud of her finds
Thanks, Cole and Jenn for feeding us and for the sweet gifts for the kids!  It was a fun day!