Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Suite Life

 Found some more pics on the iphone to document the summer...goodness knows I didn't use my good camera!  Shame, shame...
Art project turned body art

Just a day they were looking extra cute

More art

Play time at the park was a life saver

Playing in the rocks during sister's square dance practice

Square dancin' girls


That's my girl!

This night she ripped the crotch of these new adorable pants Oma made for her birthday...first time she wore them!  I'm happy to say Oma has already repaired them!

Getting creative...a tray table becomes a slide

Or a ramp, whatever!

Snapshots of our summer in the hotel ;)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Where did August go?

 This has been the weirdest summer, y'all!  It was slow and fast, busy, but we didn't go anywhere, lazy, but exhausting.  I hate to say this before we have our check in hand, but it looks like we've sold our house!  Glory be to God!  We got an offer mid-August, and the buyers want to close by the end of the month.  That's in just a few days!  I can't believe it!  And do we have a place to live?  Nooo!  We can't find exactly what we want to buy, and we want to build but we don't want the stress of building.  Never have I been so indecisive about what to do!  Just pray we can make the right decision soon, so I can sleep, and so we can find some sort of settling peace.  Other than's been a fun summer!  I'm always sad to see a summer come to an end...especially one at home with my babies!
 There is a place in Fayetteville that I've wanted to try all summer, and we finally did last week.  It is a farmers' market/food out of trailers/snow cone stop on the side of the road.  They have picnic tables set up behind the trailers, so we had lunch there one day.  We shared the club sandwich and some barbecue.  It was good!  And, of course, we had snow cones!  It was amazing how filthy and sweaty my kids got on our short lunch adventure.

Rainbow snow cone turned to greenish brown in a hurry ;)

She wanted me to take her pic this way.

Freckles and sass

Mmmm...tastes like sweat and dirt with a little green apple flavor

 We also got in one more swim day at Rena's. We also enjoyed the play set in the backyard.  Rhett looks a little scared in the big boy swing.  His sunscreen-spiked hair cracks me up!
A little gymnastics

Practicing writing Mommy's name

The suite life...waiting on the elevator

ME is seriously into coloring.  Rhett is into whatever sister is.

I put this pic on Facebook Sunday.  My comment: "And this is why we moved back home...Sunday after church eating and playing with the cousins at Gigi and Papa's house."  I don't know if it was worth it to Brad to give up his dream job and take a cut in pay, but Mama and the kids sure think it was.  Thank you, big Daddy!

I was trying to coax him down for lunch.  Can't get mad at that face!

Quick Sunday pic of sis

Picking weeds, I mean flowers for Mommy

Serious 'bout it