Thursday, April 28, 2011

Last of the Easter pics, I promise

I have been dying to get my hands on these pictures from Lisa Patti. They weren't ready before we went out of town, so I had Shelley pick them up for me. Today we got together for lunch and to let the girls play at The Play Place, so I was thrilled she remembered to bring them. I thought they turned out SO good! These are just pictures of the pictures, so they are much higher quality in real life. Can you tell she was loving the animals?

Notice the baby duck

Now when she sees carrots she says, "hop, hop" for bunny.

Love 'em!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter 2011 in Memphis

When we got home we went down to the pond to see the baby geese.

You can't see them all, but there are 10 of them!

Happy Easter!

Memphis via Springdale

Mary Ella enjoying an Easter treat.

So if you'll remember, last week we traveled to Hope for a few days, and from there we went on to Springdale. We spent a few days in Springdale and ended up in Memphis for Easter weekend. We finally came full circle yesterday afternoon when we all made it back home together. Whew! It was fun to spend time with the fam, but we are glad to be home with Daddy! What have we been up to?

Monday we got a sneak peek at the house Julie and Mike hope to buy soon. I hope it all works out, because it is BIG and beautiful! They will be needing the extra room if our little African baby will ever decide to get here! Monday night we had Guido's and watched Trey's soccer game. We got to see him score a goal and everything! During a break Uncle Mike let ME come out on the field. She kicked it a couple times, but decided it was easier to just pick it up and carry it to the goal...

That's my problem-solving girl! She knew exactly where to put it too! Smartie pants! That's pretty much the way I feel about soccer too, ME! ;)

She was loving it on the field.

But this is what happened when I had to remove her from it during the actual game.

All was better when Trey and Gigi played with her on the sidelines.

Tuesday we grabbed Oma for lunch and all went to visit Granny Dewey. ME loved playing outside and looking at the flowers and horses and kitty cat. Tuesday night we got to see Anna perform in a rodeo play at school.

ME loved the songs and knew just when to clap.

Anna did such a great job that we celebrated with ice cream at Shake's.

Wednesday we did a little shopping and had lunch with Gigi at Hammontree with dessert from Bliss Cupcakes. Yum! After church, Trey came home with us to spend the night and hang out on Thursday. We met Papa for lunch and got ready to head to Memphis that afternoon.

Thursday afternoon we headed to Memphis with Gigi, Papa, Julie, Mike, Anna, and Trey. We were going for the Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes National Convention. We were so proud of all the Johnson kiddos that participated for the very first time this year. Anna did oral Bible reading and song leading. Trey and Anna both got awards for knowing the books of the Bible and reciting 100 verses of scripture.

Of course when you're in Memphis you have to have some barbecue! We tried the Neely's restaurant from the Food Network. It was tasty! We also had a good dinner at Majestic. We stayed downtown, so we walked most places except for the Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma outlets. The mommys drove there one afternoon. Brad came up Friday, just in time for ME to get a little sickly. She ran fever on and off during the weekend and was just not feeling like herself. I was glad Brad was there to help take care of her. They chilled in the room most of the time. I don't think he minded, because he had been missing his girl! I took her to the doctor this morning, and she has a sinus infection. What? How do you have a sinus infection with no snot? I have no idea how I was supposed to figure that one out with no symptoms, but I'm glad he found what was wrong. We have started antibiotics and are resting today.

It was a fun Easter week celebration, really. I am thankful for my loving family, a husband who works hard to love and care for us, a healthy, beautifully perfect baby girl, and most of all for a God who loves me enough to send his Son to die for my sins, and a Savior who sacrificed His life, so that I might have one in Heaven. Everything is possible because He lives!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Bunny 2011

Today I took Mary Ella to see the Easter Bunny! She loved him last year, and we got the cutest picture. But after two bad Santa experiences at Christmas, I didn't have high expectations that it would go well. My, how things have changed! I let her go on her terms, and that might have helped. I got her out of the stroller, and let her walk up to him on her own. She reached up to get a hug and was fine with him picking her up. She held his hand and smiled and cheesed it up!

She did so good, that the Easter bunny decided to come early!

And here are a few more pics from Sunday. These were taken by Lisa, and I think they are precious! Makes me want a fancy new camera. A good camera seems to make all the difference! I love my little Nikon. It is tiny, so can I carry it everywhere in the diaper bag. I know I will continue to use it, but I want a really nice camera to use for special occasions. We have a nice, big Canon, but it is 35mm, so you never know what you are getting until after the pictures are developed. I'm thinking a serious digital camera should be our next investment. Maybe that will be on my Christmas or birthday list...

Love! Thanks, Aunt Lisa!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Fun

Sunday morning Mary Ella and I got up early and headed north in time for church in Johnson and Easter with Brad's family. We were sad to leave Daddy behind for a few days, but he had to work in Biloxi and New Orleans this week. It was the only time for everyone to get together for Easter, so ME was NOT going to miss egg hunting with the cousins! Rita made an enormous Easter feast, and we got to visit with the Martindales, Basingers, and Baileys too! Here are some pics of the Easter fun!

The Easter bunny came early in Springdale too!

The Marvins

The Harrimans

Easter pic in their Sunday best

Ready, set, go! ME totally got the idea this year, and it was so much fun! I was loving it!

Hmmm...what's in here?

Candy, awesome!

I almost got a picture of all of the egg hunters!

I love this one!

And this one! I wonder what Eli and Reese are talking about?

Anna and Trey found the most eggs, but somehow the redheads came out with the $$ prize eggs! Ha! Maybe that's what they were plotting! ;)

Anna is in LOVE with Justin Bieber! He made a "surprise" visit to her school for their benchmark pep rally, and she thought that was the greatest thing ever!

Go, Reese!

So proud of her loot! Thanks Gigi and Papa for an oh so fun day! Here are a few clips of the girl in action!