Thursday, June 25, 2009

Springdale Shower

Last weekend we had our final shower in Springdale at the home of Brad's sister. It was a great day to celebrate the anticipation of Mary Ella's arrival with our family and friends. Thank you Julie for being the best hostess ever!

The spread- the petit fours are my favorite from Rick's Bakery in Fayetteville. They absolutely melt in your mouth!

33 weeks

My wonderful sisters-in-law

My precious Trey and Anna

The loot

Yes, I do get everything out and play with it when I get home.

Mary Ella's Arkansas onesie and tutu from cousins Anna and Trey

This pillow was a gift from Gigi and Papa. It will go in the brown and pink polka dot chair they got for her nursery.

Monogrammed backpack from Uncle Ranjo, Aunt Lindsay, and cousins Reese and Eli

From her great Aunt Na Na and cousin Hannah

From her great Aunt Lisa and cousin Heather

From our friends, Jared and Lexi

From her Uncle Mike and Aunt Julie
Have you ever seen so many pink ruffles and flowers? So, she doesn't actually need any more clothes. :) Another sweet gift was a quilt made by her great great Grandmother Dewey. Oma and Opa also got our car seat/stroller combo- much needed! Thank you all for loving Mary Ella so much already!

Happy Birthday Anna Claire!

Our niece, Anna Claire, turned 5! She had a "Fancy Nancy" pool party and had a blast on her special day. Just before we moved to Mississippi she was turning one, and we made it back to Arkansas just in time for her 5th birthday. We love you sweet girl! Can't believe you are starting kindergarten next year! Mary Ella is going to be so lucky to have a cousin like you!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maud Shower

When I tell people where I'm from I say "from around Texarkana." That's because no one has ever heard of Maud, Texas. But that is where I grew up, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It is a town in northeast Texas of about 1,000 people. I graduated with 30 people, and most of us had been together since kindergarten. It is one of those small towns where "everybody knows everybody." It's really like a lot of those country songs about small towns. Well, this past weekend I went HOME. I have not lived there since I graduated, and my family no longer lives there, but it is still like home to me. I went to church where I grew up and got to see so many people that meant so much to me and had a huge part in making me who I am today. My best friend Michelle threw a baby shower for Mary Ella at her beautiful new home. It was so great to see everyone and feel their love and support as Brad and I start our family. Thank ya'll so much!
The hostesses, Michelle and Neelie

My college roomate, Ashley

My two helpers, Leslie and MacKenna

This ruffly outfit was from her Mia.

This precious gown, cap, and blanket may have to go to the hospital with us. They were from Mary Ella's Great Auntie and Cousins Sissy, Dana, Leslie, and Cole.

LOVE these!

Michelle went after Brad's heart with this one!

This outfit and the following gown were handmade by my friend Scott's mom. If she lived closer I would be putting her to work! Do you see those shoes???

There was also a monogrammed burp cloth that matched.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Eighth Month

Only eight weeks to go! I saw my doctor in Jackson for the last time two weeks ago. I had my 30 week sonogram, and Mary Ella is growing ahead of schedule. They did find a tiny cyst on one of her kidneys. My doctor told me it was nothing to worry about, that her kidneys were functioning fine, and she even called my new doctor in Little Rock to let her know that we need to watch it. I LOVED Dr. Cole! That's another part of this move that has been stressful, finding a new doctor- eight months pregnant. I go to my new doctor this week, so hopefully she will be as caring and as compassionate as my old doctor. Please pray that the cyst has gone away the next time we take a look.

By the way, this picture was taken at my best friend's house in Maud, Texas where I grew up. This past weekend we spent the night and got to visit with our good friends, Michelle and Steven. Thanks for being great hosts and for letting us borrow your fireplace!

Saying Goodbye

Well, we are in Little Rock. Not really settled, but as settled as it's going to get for a while. We moved into our one bedroom apartment last Saturday. All of our stuff is in storage in Memphis. Talk about a weird feeling- watching strangers touch and pack EVERYTHING in your house! Our movers were actually great, and we packed all we needed for the time being into our two cars. It was hard to say goodbye to our friends, our church family, our jobs, and our home. Here she is, with a for sale sign in the yard. I wanted to record the home we shared for 4 years. One day Mary Ella can see where she lived for a while. We actually got a contract on the house the DAY we moved! It was on the market for about 8 days. Such a blessing! Please pray that all goes well and we are able to close by the end of June. I have been out with the real estate agent almost every day since we've been in Little Rock with no luck yet. Hopefully we will find one we love as much as 1136 Windrose Circle.

Half bath

This is how Ginger felt about moving. She has been a little stressed lately and is ready to get out of the apartment as much as we are!

Our kitchen- the best part

My island

Desk in the kitchen

Sitting area in kitchen- this is where we lived

Breakfast area

View from kitchen to living room

My chalkboard- this dresser was my great grandmother's. It is going to be in Mary Ella's room as a changing table.

Built-in outside of our bedroom

Our bedroom

Our bathroom

Butler's pantry- We had already packed my crystal and sent it home with my mom. Didn't trust the movers with everything!

Antique door to pantry

Wood ceiling in butler's pantry

Dining room and entry

Living room

We are going to miss our pine floors and built-ins!

View from living room into kitchen

Guest bedroom

Guest bath

Second bedroom- this was going to be the nursery.

Brad's Razorback room

Front door

Our landscaping- we planted the creipe myrtle, roses, and yellow belles. I wish I had a picture of our azaleas in bloom. They were beautiful!

Our rosebush and creipe myrtle- we planted these after hurricane Katrina. One of our trees was uprooted.

My pink hydrangea

Our backyard and deck that Brad built

Our one pine tree

I think this is my bunny. Last summer a guy mowing our backyard disturbed a nest of baby rabbits. He said they all scattered. That night I went out to see what I could find and there was one bunny left huddled in the corner by our fence. I went over and it let me pick it up. I mean it was tiny- probably not more than a couple weeks old. Well it lived in our bath tub, and I bottle fed it every two hours for about two weeks. I named it Bunny and got very attached. It was the sweetest thing, like my baby! Well, we were about to go on vacation, so I couldn't take Bunny with me. Brad decided we should give it to our crazy neighbors, which I did not agree with. They did let me come visit Bunny, and it eventually began eating lettuce and carrots, so I felt better. One day I went next door to check on Bunny and my neighbor told me that one day it was out in the backyard in its cage, and the mama bunny came up to it. She said they opened the cage door and Bunny hopped away happily with its mother off into the sunset. How crazy does that sound? I didn't believe it for a second, and figured the story actually went something like, "We killed your rabbit." I was feeling very guilty, like I failed Bunny as a mother, until this summer. This rabbit appeared in our backyard, and I think it might actually be Bunny all grown up. It does not seem the least bit afraid of humans and lets you get right next to it. So maybe Bunny survived after all! Hopefully the new owners will take care of my sweet Bunny!