Tuesday, January 17, 2017

August 2016

Guido's date
We packed August with as must fun as we could before school started.  I had a few more days of training in Little Rock, so the kids stayed with my mom.  I also started the year with a maternity leave in 3rd grade, so she kept them the week before school started so I could prepare.  I forgot how exciting and exhausting it is to get a classroom up and runn
Tired 1st grader

Boy can build anything out of Legos

ME had her first sleepover, and Rhett and Mommy had a date night at Flying Burrito and snuggles to top it off.

Aftermath of first sleepover/spa party at the Wares.
Saturday morning breakfast in bed.

What a sleeping babe...Froggy and blankie are so loved
Last swim of the summer...trying out her mermaid tale she got for her birthday

Apparently I like to take pics of my kids sleeping

First time at the Grape Festival

The first week of August ME went to Green Valley Bible Camp for the first time.  She got to ride the bus back and forth each day for day camp.

This was the Sunday before school started.  She still talks about the time we ate mozzarella sticks and ice cream for supper!

Tacos for Life lunch date while sis was at camp.

While the kids were at Mamas, they played doctor with Pa.

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