Monday, January 16, 2017

June 2016

Girls' night out and going away party for Robyn.  Nellie's inlaws were out of town, so we stayed at their house.  We ate at Hammontree, had Burton's ice cream, and laughed until about 3 in the morning.

13 years...then and now

VBS crafts

Rhett learned how to make his bed

So Rhett

Swim Ranch 2016

ME and Rhett were in the same class...Lane 1.  Not the best idea...he is seen above sitting in time out for trying to push his sister's head under the water.  That would be a no no at the Swim Ranch.

ME did so well she will skip lane 2 and move onto lane 3 next year!

Rhett's face every time he has to give his cherries back in Hi Ho CherryO.

And Rhett's face when his Sonic slushie gives him a brain freeze.

It's not funny mom!

End of year dance swim party at the Olivers

Chasing fireflies after church

Summer, you are our favorite!

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