Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rhett's 1st birthday {presents and cake}

Rhett was oblivious that it was his birthday until we got to the presents.  He wasn't much help opening them, but he did get pretty excited about some of his cool new toys.  It was precious!  He got new shoes, clothes, and a cozy coupe too!  Thanks to everyone who came and made his first birthday so special!

This card from us was probably his favorite.  You pushed a button and Elmo said, "Happy birthday!"  He doesn't even know Elmo, but he loved it.

"Hey, give my card back, sister!"

Crawling in the cozy coupe box

Thanks, Gigi and Papa!  I'm sure he would put a million miles on that car!  And thanks to Ranjo and Papa for putting it together.!

Happy birthday to you!

This was the first attempt at the birthday song.  We had to do it again because Daddy didn't get it on video the first time. ;)

I love his face like, "Why are y'all looking at me and singing?"

Round 2

He did not want to wear the birthday hat until he saw that he got to eat another cake.

Yes!  Cake!

He was much more aggressive this time.  As you can see it took him all of 3 pictures to demolish it.  But he just kept eating and eating and eating.  That cake was GONE by the end! 

Love the back hand

He got a little excited and started flapping...

Oops, I lost my hat

Flapping again

Seriously, where did that cake go?  In Rhett's belly!  Needless to say, he did NOT take a good nap that afternoon.

We knew it was time to call it quits when he kept trying to crawl off the tablecloth.  Can you believe Joe and Rita let him do that in their house?  Best.grandparents.ever!

After a good bath, he was ready to go for a cruise in the cozy coupe.

Happy first birthday to our sweet Rhett!  It was a fun day to remember!  Thanks so much to Gigi and Papa for letting us host at their house!  And thanks to everyone who came and made his first birthday so special!