Sunday, February 28, 2010

29 Weeks

29 Weeks Old

This week I officially got spring fever! There were a few sunny days that I thought we might go for a walk but changed my mind when the Weather Channel said it was 44 degrees. Between taking care of Brad and the cold weather, we barely left the house all week! I think he is finally getting over the mono, but he has been one sick puppy and is just worn out. My mom was here most of the week, so it was great getting to see her enjoy Mary Ella so much. One good thing about such slow days is that you really get to sit back and appreciate every little thing the girl is doing. Mary Ella loves to be standing up now (with help of course)! She just straightens her legs, sticks her chest out, and grins the biggest grin like she is just so proud of herself. She is really rolling around on the floor now. She doesn't know what she's doing, but by flopping back and forth, she can reach toys and end up off her palate. She is pushing with her legs and reaching with her arms like she wants to crawl, but she hasn't gotten up on her hands and knees yet. She ate green beas and peas this week. She definetely favors peas over the green beans. I started with vegetables so hopefully she will be a bigger fan of the healthy stuff than I am. But as I was feeding her the yucky light green peas I wondered, "Why am I trying to get her to like them? I will never cook peas in this house. I hate the little round things." Oh well, if she likes those she will LOVE Pa's yummy zipper and purple hull peas. Those will definetely be on our menu as long as he grows them in his garden. What else? Oh, she loves the game "throw my toys on the ground so I can hear them crash and Mommy will pick them up for me." It is an automatic thing in her high chair and more recently at church too. She is getting squirmy too! When she is sitting in my lap and sees her toys on the ground and wants to get down and play, she starts trying to wiggle out of my arms and get down there. This makes me a little sad! As for the sleep training, week 2 of using the Ferber/Jessica method has been rough! I think she has cried more in the last 2 weeks than she has her entire life! If it's not really important that your child be able to self-soothe and put themselves to sleep and if it doesn't really pay off in the long run, please someone tell me and I will stop! It's getting better though. I was beginning to think we might have a strong-willed child on our hands. Rita, do you still have that book or did you just beat Brad with it? Ha! She has thrown some nasty fits! But she has gone from crying for 20 minutes to 15 to 5 to less than 5 if at all. I hit it hard this week with naps and bedtime. We rock and sing until she is almost alseep, and then I lay her in her crib awake. I pat her and sing a little more and then walk away. At first she had this look of sheer terror, but now she is more calm and just fusses a little bit. This week I might try letting her cry it out when she wakes up during the night. She has been doing that alot since we started this whole thing, and it is wearing Mommy out! I'm also trying to get her attached to some little something to soothe her (besides her paci because it obviously falls out when she's screaming). We have tried her stuffed pig, a lovie, and a little monkey. I think the monkey won...

How sweet is that!?

She looks like her daddy when she sleeps and when she wakes up. And EVERYONE has been saying she looks like him now! What about me?

Peas, please!

I took this picture right after she woke up from a nap. Can you see the handprints on her face? Sometimes she insists on sleeping face down in her crib, which freaks me out! I go in there and turn her head to the side, and she turns it right back down! I'm still only letting her sleep on her tummy at naptime, but who knows how she'll sleep when she learns she can turn over in her bed.

Silly grin and I did not buy that bib. It was a gift! Green vegetables make for nasty spit-up!

Fancy hairbow from Mia

Brad was able to work a little Thursday and Friday, and Friday night he came home with dinner, dessert, and flowers from Fresh Market. When I asked what the flowers were for he said they were "because I had to leave my hydrangea bush in Mississippi." What I really think he meant was, "You are the best wife and thanks for taking care of me when I'm sick even though I can be a pain." Ha! Mono is hard on an old boy!

One of my favorite flowers

This is what we did on Saturday when I got bored-played dress-up! This sweet outfit and bow were made by my high school friend's mom. It's just precious! She also made matching shoes, but I couldn't squeeze ME's feet in them anymore.

Starting to fuss

This is not fun anymore.


Then Daddy came to her rescue. I wish this picture wasn't blurry so you could see the way she looks at him.

Chunky monkey

Next Thursday we have an appointment at Children's to have another ultrasound of her kidney. I just keep praying that the cyst will go away!

Monday, February 22, 2010

First Food

Green beans. Yuck.

Glad that's over!

28 Weeks

28 Weeks Old

What a big week! Mary Ella is now eating 3 tablespoons of rice cereal twice a day and sleeping in her room in her crib. She is eating like a champ and says "mmm" after every bite. She is also doing great in her room! Sometimes she sleeps ALL night, and sometimes she wakes up a couple times. The self-soothing and putting herself to sleep is NOT going so well. She is still crying for about 20 minutes. And some of it is my fault for not being consistent. A couple of nights she fell asleep with her bottle, and I just layed her down. But it is sooo hard to let her cry herself to sleep. You work for 6 months to develop trust and take care of every little need, and then all of a sudden she is all on her own and crying and you don't show up? It is awful! But hopefully it will get better and be worth it in the long run. So this week our big adventure was a trip to Jackson! Brad had a meeting, and I thought it would be fun for Mary Ella and me to tag along. We went down Wednesday morning and came back Thursday evening, but we got to do most of what I wanted to. We had a yummy lunch at Broadstreet Bakery and supper with Brad and Brandi at Soulshine Pizza. We found an Easter dress for Mary Ella at Sweet Dreams, visited teachers and friends at Madison Station, met Carson, had sweet tea with Sara and Addison, loved on our church family, and showed off the girl at Brad's old office. It was great to be back!
This week's photo shoot:
Am I cute or what?

Love this pose!

Very interested in her dress

Looking for Ginger


I'm so funny!


Nice face- she is really into running her tongue over her gums. Teething, maybe?

Oh, how I love this girl!


Something's hangin out there, Mary Ella!

It was a cold, rainy Sunday, so ME wore her warm, fluffy sweater.

Your belly's showing!


She is playing sitting up now.

Sunday night after church

Ha! Ha!

And finally- Mary Ella is missing hangin' with her Daddy. He has been sick for weeks, keeps running fever, and is on his fourth round of antibiotics. It started with a sinus infection, turned into bronchitis, and is apparently ending in mono. Yuck! He had a bad case of mono when he was a teenager, and his sickness possibly re-triggered the mono (or so they think.) He has been sooo sick! I just hate it! And I know he hates being away from her. Since he went to the doctor Friday and we heard the "m" word, he has pretty much been confined to the guest room. Thankfully my mom came up to help with ME while I take care of him. Poor Daddy!