Monday, August 27, 2012

42 Weeks

 42 Weeks Old
 Forgot to take Rhett's weekly photo on Friday, so this is actually Sunday before church on Gigi and Papa's porch.
Looking at the kitty cat

And going for it
 We had a fun week!  Monday, Susan and I had lunch at Corner Bakery with some ladies from church to discuss our upcoming Bible study.  "How can you discuss such important matters with 4 children at the table?" you might ask.  Well, I brought the laptop and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...worked like a charm!  I can't wait to get back into a good ladies' Bible study class.  I have been needing it so bad! 
Our little gymnast
 Week two of gymnastics was fun!  I had pumped Mary Ella up to let go of her teacher's hand on the balance beam, but they didn't do balance beam at all.  This week was all about the bars and the vault.  After class we met Daddy for lunch.
Hard to tell, but she is grabbing the low bar



Can you say "mini-me?"

 We have to get in as many swim days as possible before the water gets too chilly!  Where did summer go?

ME vs Braydon

 Carson sitting still for a brief second

 We always bring a picnic lunch when we swim with the Mullises.  Rhett loves watching all of the big kids play, but he gets a little testy when we all eat in front of him ;)  We came home for naps, and guess who was there to greet ME when she woke up?  Gigi and Papa!  They were on vacation this week, and made their way down to Mississippi!  Gigi got to tag along for our very first dance class.  ME was so excited!  Mommy got some time to herself while they were in town.  So nice! 
 Friday we went to the park and had lunch with Brad.  That night we had a date night thanks to Gigi and Papa!

ME loves Primo's pancakes and grits!

Rhett wasn't in the mood for pictures, but I had to snap a shot to send to Super Uncle Cole and Aunt Jenn.  They sent the kids Mack's Prairie Wings shirts in the mail this week.  Thanks, y'all!
Big news for Rhett boy this week...he can go from crawling to sitting and has begun to pull up!  Wow!  Surely that means he's strong enough to quit dragging his belly when he crawls.  You can do it boy!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

9 Months

I'm 9 months old!
This boy is on the go...impossible to get a good pic!

Sweet Rhett,
I love the above picture!  It is so you!  Big eyes, happy smile, going full speed at whatever you're trying to do.  You are getting to be such a big boy!  I CANNOT believe we are approaching your first birthday.  My oh my, will time please slow down?!?!  Until next month, here's what you've been up to:
  • I am behind on this post because I've been waiting to get your official stats.  Drum roll, please... You weigh 24 pounds 12 ounces (90th) and are 29.5 inches (75th).  You are one big boy! 
  • You are eating and drinking the same, but still growing like a weed!  You wear 12-18 month clothes.
  • You love puffs and mum mums.
  • You still take 2 good naps, but can go with one if we are out during your morning nap. 
  • You finally rolled from back to belly when you were 8 1/2 months old.  Finally!
  • Then one day after your 9 month birthday you decided to start crawling.  You crawled across the kitchen that day while sister and I decorated sugar cookies.  You stopped to lick and bite every chair leg along the way.  You're not able to get your tummy lifted to crawl on hands and knees, but you pull yourself where you want to go.  You can get up on all fours, but when you try to move forward the belly drops.
  • You put everything in your mouth!  I have had to dig out a few things, including a rock from our fireplace.  Yikes!  You have a basket of toys by the fireplace and that is where you play on your blanket.  I put you down there one morning and was getting dressed in my bathroom when Mary Ella came in and told me you were playing with the rocks in the fireplace.  She knows this is a no no!  So, I ran in, and there were rocks on the floor and in both of your fists.  I went straight for your mouth, and sure enough, you had one in there.  I scooped it out, and kissed any freedom I may have had before you were mobile goodbye.  So, you are no longer contained on a blanket...I will not be able to leave you for a second! 
  • You want to pull up so badly, but just can't quite get there.  Since you have been trying to crawl and stand up, you are not exactly the content Rhett that we know.  You grunt and squirm if we hold you because you want down, but when you're down you get frustrated when you can't do what you want.  I'm sure it's just a phase and you'll figure it all out soon.
  • We lowered your crib this month.
  • You have visited Bible class a few times when Mommy teaches.
  • You clap your hands when we say, "clap your hands" or "yay Rhett" or even "good job."
  • You also discovered you have a thumb and try to snap your fingers or wave or something with it.
  • You also found your man parts.  Enough said.
  • You jump in your exersaucer (and almost take it down) when we say, "jump, jump, jump."
  • You love to sing and jump to Five Little Monkeys.
  • You love the book Butterfly Kisses and crack up at the butterfly puppet.
  • There is nothing better than your kisses and hugs.  You are selective with when you give them, but it is always worth the wait. 
  • You love to wrestle ME's giant caterpillar and purple bunny. 
  • Your favorite toys are not toys at all: remote control, water bottle, sunglasses, iPhone...anything you shouldn't have.
  • You enjoy watching Baby Einstein and Mickey Mouse.
  • You like to pull and play with hair, including your own.  And speaking of hair, you got your 5th hair cut this month.  Daddy takes you to Family Barber with him.
  • You had an ear infection and the stomach bug this month. :(
  • You are as strong as a bull.  When you slap or hit or get out!  One night at supper your high chair was pulled up to the table with us.  You reached and reached until you grabbed the extra chair and started pulling it.  It was like you were lifting weights picking it up and setting it down.  I mean, you are crazy when you go after something!
  • You are keeping me on my toes, but I am loving every minute of it!  You are my love, love, love!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Day of Dance

 The night before Mary Ella started tap and ballet, we put on her outfit for a photo op.  She was killing me with her ballet moves as you'll see. 

She is so graceful and delicate, I'm sure they will promote her to the next class immediately.  Ha!

Tap time!

Ready for the first day of class!
Getting ready to go in with her buddy, Emma

Waiting in line

Shortly after this, the door was closed and moms were shooed out the door.  I guess I'll have to wait until November for parent observation week to see what's really going on.  I wish I could have seen every moment, but the good news is I won't have to wrestle Rhett for an hour while we wait for her to be done.  We can go run errands or something.  I do know her first class was a positive experience.  She was all smiles afterward with her sucker and had big eyes in the backseat as I asked her questions.  I also have no doubt that she is going to fall in love with the Disney princess voice of her dance teacher.  Whoa, is she enthusiastic?!