Sunday, December 29, 2013

First Christmas at Home

Christmas Eve night we went to NaNa's house for Christmas with Rita's side of the family.  I don't know why, but I didn't take any pictures.  Then we drove about 10 miles to get home and parked it.  We were home for the first time ever on Christmas  No travel, no rushing, no babies sleeping in carseats.  Just went to bed on Christmas eve and woke up in our own house for Christmas morning with our babies and nobody else.  I don't know if it will always be that way, but it was this year and it was glorious. 
Santa came
Santa ate all but the head of a snowman sugar cookie, drank his milk, and left letters for the kids.  ME helped put out the cookies and milk, and Rhett and Daddy put out the reindeer food.  Christmas with kids is so fun!

And Buddy, our elf, left a note and special ornaments.

View of living room from balcony upstairs

 Mary Ella was the best!  I put her to bed Christmas Eve and told her when she woke up in the morning to come in our room, but don't peek under the tree.  And she didn't.  And she actually layed in be with us until we heard Rhett wake up on the monitor.  She went back upstairs with me to get him out of bed, and then waited until I got downstairs with my camera.  I could not believe her patience!  I think we got it all rolling about 8 am.

And here she comes...

And here he comes doing his booty scoot down the stairs

My Little Ponies

Jake sword and periscope

Rhett was cruddy during Christmas, so he wasn't quite himself.  He woke up this morning with gunky eyes.

Time for your check-up

Stocking time

 After stockings, we read our letters from Santa, and ME's said: "P.S. Don't forget to look behind the tree."  You know she really wanted an ipad for Christmas.  And she found one behind the tree.  (Or she thinks it's an ipad...really it's a zoodle or something like that, and a fraction of the price.  It was all daddy on this one.)  She was so surprised and excited! 
She is still saying, everyday, "I still cannot believe Santa brought me an ipad."

Super Rhett

ME and Rhett watching Prep and Landing AGAIN while I worked on brunch in the kitchen.
Gigi and Papa and the Marvin crew came over for brunch at noon.

The kids were still in jammies, and Rhett still was not cooperating for family pictures.

After naptime, the kids opened a few wrapped presents from Mama and Daddy.

His lion...roar!

Roaring at Daddy

We did get dressed and leave the house for a devo at church.

Oh, Rhett!  These pictures prove what a stinker you were at 2 on Christmas.

Merry Christmas!