Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Papa turns 60!

 Last week, our beloved Papa turned 60!  We had a Razorback party at Julie's house to celebrate him.  We had pizza and cake and got him something to go on his Mustang (I don't know what it was...Randy does that stuff)!  It would have been the perfect day if our Razorbacks would have pulled out the win over Texas A&M.

Woo pig sooie!  Rhett actually thinks he is a player in the game that we are watching when he wears his jersey.

ME wanted me to come and watch her do a flip on the trampoline.  I just thought she meant a forward roll.  I couldn't believe it when she jumped up and did a front flip!

Rhett said, "I'm doing downward facing dog."  Actually it's a 3-legged dolphin. ;)  Yes, that is a real name of a yoga pose.

Happy birthday, Joe!  We love you!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

SWJH Cheer Clinic

Ready to cheer!
 Mary Ella did the cheer clinic at Southwest Junior High again this year.  It was on a Sunday and lasted two hours. She learned a cheer, a dance, and built a pyramid.  And I could not believe she hit every move!  I think even Daddy was impressed!  The dance was to Taylor Swift's Shake it Off. It was super cute! 
She got to perform on the brand new HarBer HS field.

Eli introducing Rhett to liquid cheese.

Loving on her cheerleader

Reese was out there too.

I guess they were taught the "cheer wave" too ;)

As I was tying that ribbon up in her hair, I thought, "Oh, this is only the beginning."  Little bit exciting, little bit scary ;)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Last weekend I turned 34...the last year of my "early" thirties I suppose.  I won't complain too much about it, because, hey, I don't feel like I'm 34!  I would say, I don't think I look like it either, but I'd be lying to you and me both...if you could see what I look like when I get out of the bed in the morning.  Hello bags and wrinkles!  That weren't even there last year, I don't think.  So, I got some new eye makeup for that situation ;)  But anyway, happy birthday to me!  Friday was the actual day, and Bonnie brought some lunch over and we got to eat and visit and let the kids play.  That afternoon, Rita invited me to get pedicures and do some shopping.  And that night, Brad and I had a date night.  "Chuy's" is my response any time he asks me where I want to go now.  We have one in Rogers and it is the best!  I love me some Tex-Mex!  Saturday, we planned to go over to Julie's for a little party and watch the game, but Rhett was having tummy trouble.  It was the second Saturday in a row that he has been sick. :(  So, we just stayed home and watched the game, and had a whole cookie cake to ourselves!    
I'm always behind the camera, and sometimes I just want to get a good pic of me with my kiddos.  Like on my birthday weekend, so I gave Brad the camera.  He continuously clicks about 50 pics and says, "I'm sure there's a good one in there somewhere."  I guess he doesn't actually see that his daughter is making a hateful face. These were the best ones... Ha!

She was making said face because she only wanted to pose like this ;)

And then Sunday, she was feeling and looking extra cute and was in the posing mood again.  Brad stayed home from church with Rhett, so we sort of had a girls' day.  We went to lunch with the fam after church, went to Reese and Eli's bday party, and did a little shopping before evening church.

Real life
The twins' party was at Johnson Park.  Eli had the cutest Harry Potter cake.

Poor girl at the cookie shop misspelled Reese's name twice, Reef and then Reece.