Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dance Recital 2014

Friday night was Mary Ella's second dance recital.  This year she has taken a tap and jazz combo class.  I was stressed out about the half up/curly hairdo her teacher requested, so I made an appointment at Pigtails and Crewcuts to have it done.  Turned out so cute!

We snapped a few pics at home after make-up.

I know Gigi and Papa were glad to drive 5 minutes instead of 8 hours to watch her this year.  It was much less stressful for me too!  This time last year we were getting ready to move.

Posing backstage

Her poor hair is just like her mama's...straight and fine and flat.  The curls were barely hanging on by performance time.

So proud of my sweet girl!

I wished her well and took my seat.  I'm so thankful she is so brave and bold and outgoing.  Didn't need me to stay back there like some of the girls.

Most of her sweet class

My camera wasn't having the stage lights, but you get the idea of how it looked and how little they were on that big stage.

She is second from the right.  She did so, so well!  She tapped out (almost) every step.  I may be biased, but I'd have to say she was the best and most beautiful dancer on stage!

Proud of her flowers from Daddy and Gigi and Papa

And then she started posing...

The ending of her routine.  She stuck it every time ;)

Proud and silly Daddy

Everybody be posin'

Thank you Gigi and Papa for being there to support our girl!  She got to pick the restaurant afterward, and Guido's it was.  We know Mia and Jenn and Super Uncle Cole were here in spirit.  We're all so proud of you, Mary Ella!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

 I found out my college roommate, Ashley, was going to be in Tulsa for the long weekend, so Saturday the kids and I drove over and met her and her family at the Tulsa Zoo.  It always does my heart good to see her!  And Ben and Joni.  They cooked out for us at their house Saturday evening.  It's really not a bad day trip, only about an hour and a half drive.  We left at about 8:30 and got back home at about 8:30. The kids loooved the zoo!  They ran around like wild animals!  Rhett is so into dinosaurs, and they were actually watching The Land Before Time in the car on the way over.  So, when we got there and they had a dinosaur exhibit going on, it made the trip even more special. 
Rhett, Caleb, and ME riding a dinosaur

This peacock was huge and amazingly beautiful.

I mean HUGE!

Oh the dinosaurs!  They roared and moved too.  ME made sure to tell everyone they weren't real because dinosaurs are extinct.  "They were just robots."

Little boy excitement

The T-rex was the grand finale.  Rhett was a little spooked, because the "robot" dinosaur just before this one had unexpectedly sprayed us with water from its mouth.  He did not like that.

Red cheeks waiting on the train

ME making Cohen giggle.  It was my first time to see this cute little guy.

Ashley and Cohen on the train

Caleb and Adam...Rhett and ME thought Adam was the first man when they first learned his name ;)

This cracks me up.  I guess it is his new "cheese" face.

Shark and seahorse on the carousel

Sunday before Preacher Larry and Mrs. Pat's shower...really, Rhett? 

What a mess!

Monday we went out to Prairie Creek where Ranjo and Lindsay and the kids were camping.  We took a boat ride, played, and ate lunch.

After a quick nap, we all met back up at Mimi's house for a pool party.  Fun weekend!