Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sunday's Proud Mama Moments

So, Brad has had mono again.  Thankfully, he's feeling a little better, but we are both worn out from it.  The poor guy can't just get sick and be sick.  He has 2 squealing kids in the next room while he's trying to rest.  And he has a wife that tries to take care of him, but I know my expression says, "when are you going to feel better so you can help me???"  So, I wasn't exactly feeling encouraged on the second straight Sunday of getting the kids up and ready and off to church on my own.  Then, God totally changed my attitude.  I was ironing clothes and talking to Rhett in the kitchen.  He ran past me and to the door, grabbed the handle, and said, "go bye, bye."  This is normal.  I said, "We're getting ready to go to church.  Do you want to go to Bible class?"  He squealed and did his little back and forth on each foot dance.  Then he started saying, "B-I? B-I?"  I figured out he was talking about the "B-I-B-L-E" song.  I started singing it, and he did too!  He can sing the tune, but only says the letters "BIBIB."  Then, on the way to church "Redeemed" came on KLOVE, and he sang the "deemed" part of "redeemed" and the "eee" part of "free."  I swung my head around, and I was like, "Mary Ella did he just sing part of that song?"  She said, "yes" and sang the whole chorus.  Which I didn't know she could do either!  If you don't know that song, it is one of my favorites, and the chorus goes like this:

I am redeemed
You set me free
So, I'll take off these heavy chains
And wipe away every stain
Cause I'm not who I used to be
I am redeemed

Y'all!  I was so proud!  So many days I feel like such a failure as a mom.  Sometimes I think I'm doing a good job and other days I fall so short of what I want and ought to be.  But then the little critters surprise me, and if nothing else, I am trying my hardest to teach them the Bible.  Those 2 little pieces were enough to turn my day around.  And then, Rhett has sat through the last 2 Sunday mornings fairly quietly.  Thank you, Jesus!  So, if you happen to think your kids are too young to learn or get anything out of worship, think again!  Rhett is only 17 months old!  They are the most impressionable right now!  After Bible class last night, ME got down on her knees and showed me how Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, and she called it that.  And she can belt out songs from church.  We sing a lot at our house, but lately she has surprised me with ones I know I haven't taught her, she has picked them up simply from listening in worship.  These little moments are some of the proudest for this Mama!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Busy Girl

Friday night- Girls' night out
We met the Joneses at Liberty Park for Movie Under the Stars.  It was Peter Pan!
 Mary Ella's calendar was BOOKED this weekend! ;)  She is a busy girl!
Saturday- Miles's 4th birthday Cowboy party
Listening to directions for brushing the horses

Birthday boy


Getting ready to ride


Waiting for her turn

I didn't get a great pic of her on the horse, but she loved it!  Especially since "her" horses name was Peter Pan!

Emma Vaughan

How are these friends turning 4???

Paint the pony

Shaving cream for the grand finale

Cookie treat

Saturday night- Daddy/daughter date
Soulshine Pizza, Chuck E. Cheese, Gigi's Cupcakes, and Brave

Rhett and I stayed in and ordered our own pizza. Love some special time loving on just him!

Friday, April 12, 2013

17 Months

17 months and on the go!

Had to get some with sister in front of the pretty azaleas

What do you think of her poses?

He kept saying "bees, bees, bees" and pointing.  He was too excited to remember the time he tried to eat one and got stung. ;)
Sweet Rhett,
You are seriously cuter and sweeter than ever!  And busier and a mess!  Your vocabulary is exploding, and I can tell you are learning and understand so much now.  You seriously amaze me every day with some new thing.  Mary Ella is eating it all up too!  She loves to catch you saying new words or brag on what you're doing.  You are never far from her and vice versa.  I'm so thankful spring is here and we can get you outside, because, frankly, you tear up my house every day!  Ha!  I love seeing your little personality blossom.  We love you!  Here's what you've been up to:
  • You are holding steady at 28 pounds.
  • You are a little more choosy about what you're eating these days.  I pray you will not be as picky as your sister!
  • I am sticking to one nap a day, even though you could sack out at 10 or 11 every day.  We just push through, because I know you wouldn't take a good afternoon nap if you took one in the morning.
  • You are an addict.  To your paci and blanket.  If I didn't leave them in your crib when you get up, you would suck it and drag it behind you all day.  I have to admit if you're cranky, and I want some snuggle time, I'll get them both and you'll climb up on the couch with me.  You've learned to say "papis" for paci, and you say that quite often over and over when you want it.  It goes something like this "a papis a papis a papis."  You also say "papis" for your blanket, and try to reach in and get them out of your crib.
  • You walk over to your high chair and point when you want to eat.  Or go to the pantry and point and say, "cracker."
  • You are a stinker in church.  When I take you out, you point and want to go to the nursery.  And that tells me you're old enough to know what you're doing.  And that means no more nursery time for you.  Yes, I will be the mean mama spanking you in the foyer, but you will learn and there will be peace once again during worship.
  • You were on Zyrtec for allergies most of March.  You had a runny nose and red, dry spots on your cheeks and chin. You were also cutting another bottom right tooth.  And you spent a lot of the month being cranky and whiny and clingy.  I took you to see Dr. Smith twice because you just weren't yourself, and that's when I worry about an ear infection.  When you don't sleep and eat well and get all grumpy.  Both times you were clear.  But by the second visit, Dr. Smith mentioned that maybe you were entering the terrible 2's early.  Nooo!  There had to be another reason.  He suggested that we switch from Zyrtec to Claritin.  Hallelujah, it worked wonders!  And you REALLY started acting like your old, happy self when we cut out the Claritin all together.  I mean the allergy meds don't seem to clear you up, but maybe they keep the stuff under control so it doesn't turn into something else?  But it's almost not worth it with the whole different personality thing!  I hope the worst of your allergies are over for the season!  I'm so thankful you are eating better and waking up in a good mood!
  • You also had the stomach bug this month.  Ugh! 
  • You got really attached to Papa when we stayed with them for a week this month.  To the point of wrapping yourself around his leg!
  • You say "hop hop hop" for bunny, "meow" for cat, "ruff ruff" for dog, "moo" for cow, "sss" for snake, "ribbit" for frog" and "neigh" for horse.  There are lots of other animals that just roar like a lion.  You also "choo choo" for a train and make lots of boy truck and car sounds. 
  • You also sing "eieio" for Old MacDonald.  And you can sing the tune to the Arkansas Fight song.  You love to sing!
  • New words: Mommy for Mama, Daddy for Dada, bird, snack, all done, cracker, sissy, NaNa, pizza, cookie, papis (for paci), night night, go bye bye (and go to the door), go car car (when I say anything about going somewhere), side (for outside), Mia, Nanny, cup, pish (for fish), shoe, bees, keys, no no, baby, bubble, poo poo
  • You can say "oh too doo" for Oh Toodles on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Daddy got you a basketball goal for Easter, and the first thing you did was pick up the ball and try to dunk it.
  • You are pouring on the "peas" (please) when you want something.  Added to the please sign and more sign and your big eyes looking at me, and there's not much Mama says no to.
  • You're all about "babies" and love to love on Ella Mae at church.  You also love to point out any baby pictures around the house.  You point and say "a babies a babies a babies."  You even like to play with ME's baby dolls.  You hold and pat them, stroll them around, put them on your high chair, give them a blanket.  It is so sweet!
  • You love to point and see the fish at the library.
  • You are loving books and say "boots, boots" when you want me to read.  You go and pick one out and crawl up in my lap to read.  If I'm sitting in the floor, you like to back up to me and plop your booty down in my lap.
  • You grab your diaper in the front when you need a diaper change. 
  • You have favorite pages of your favorite books that you like to turn to.  One of them is a page with a spider, and you point to it and say, "ahhh."
  • You have begun to grab my hand when you want help with something or want me to do something or go somewhere.
  • You love to dance to any music, but the Harlem Shake is a favorite right now.
  • You can be so lovey dovey to your sister.  And then you can turn around and hit or bite her if she aggravates you.  I told Brad that he doesn't have to worry about teaching you how to block out in basketball, because you already know how to do that to your sister when she is in your way.  I'd say you're probably going to be a natural at blocking in football too.  You know how to use your body to take over space. ;)
  • You can be so loving.  You put your head on us and go "ohhh."  You give real hugs, pat pats, and the occasional kiss or bite to show affection.
  • You got your first skinned knee during the photo shoot above.  You screamed and became frozen with your hands and feet on the ground and booty up in the air.
  • You also notice when Dada's not around.  You say his name in a question "Dada? Dada?" multiple times in a day.  And you walk around the house almost looking for him.  I say, "Dada's at work."  I don't know what else to say.  The other day we met Brad for lunch, and you had a meltdown when I tried to put you in the car as he was buckling ME in.  I walked around and switched kids.  You hugged and hugged him, and when he finally put you in your seat you bawled.  All the way home you said, "Dada, Dada" and cried.  :(  When he gets home and you hear the garage door open, you run to the door and yell, "Daddy, Daddy!"
  • I am loving taking you to the park and watching you play.  You love to swing, practice climbing up and down steps, eat dirt, drive anything that has a steering wheel, and you are sliding like a champ.  You're running now, pigeon-toed, by the way!  All over the house, especially when you have something you're not supposed to!  Sometimes, though, you have started telling yourself "no, no."  Like when you're about to get in cabinets or drawers you're not supposed to, or you're tempted to get rocks out of the fireplace.
  • You like to sit on the brick fireplace in the kitchen and say, "cheese."  You also looove to see yourself on my phone and pretend to take pictures with toy cell phones.  You say "cheeeese!"
  • There is a cabinet in the kitchen that I let you play in while I cook, and you love to drag the plastic cups all over the house.  Cooking in ME's kitchen is still a favorite activity.  You also enjoy cooking in the playhouse.
  • You can blow bubbles in the bathtub and like to pour water over yourself.  You still freak out if you slip and go under.  I'm not sure how swim lessons will go this summer.
  • You know your head, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, feet, teeth, tongue, and tummy.
  • When I say "one," you say "two" and something for three.
  • What else?  I'm sure there's more fun stuff you're doing, and I might just come back and add to the list when I remember what I forgot.  Love you, stinker!