Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 Months

I'm 10 months old!

She was not wanting to sit still for a picture, BUT...

Daddy came in, and he can always make her smile!

Saying something very important

Ready to go!

Wild woman!

And there she goes...

Out the door
Mary Ella,
I can't believe we are so close to your first birthday! I still think of you as my little baby, but actually you are growing up so fast! You are full of energy and spunk. This month has been a blast! You keep me on my toes all day long because you are moving EVERYWHERE and want to get into EVERYTHING. You make me smile, laugh, and wonder what I ever did to deserve a daughter as sweet and smart and beautiful as you. I could just hold and love and kiss on you all day. You're too busy for that though! But sometimes when you fall asleep while we rock before bed I hold you a little longer, kiss you a little more, and love you with all my heart. Happy 10th month baby girl! Here's what you've been up to:
  • You weigh 23 1/2 lbs. and are 28 1/2 in. long. These are according to at-home measurements so they might be a little off.
  • Your diet is the same as last month, except I'm trying to give you some real food a little at a time. You are having a hard time with different textures and don't like any of the chunky baby foods. You would rather have smooth baby food than something to have to move around and chew in your mouth. It's pretty dramatic because you gag like you're choking, when really you just need to chew and swallow. It's funny because you hate to get something stuck on your tongue. You have started reaching in to try to rake off whatever it is. Foods you have tried are: blueberries, raspberries, cereal bar, rice, refried beans, tortilla, toast, peas, shredded cheese, and ice cream. Random, I know, but your really liked the cheese, and of course, ice cream.
  • You sleep like a champ when you're in your crib. I love to hear and watch you put yourself to sleep and then wake up chattering and playing in your bed. The only time you don't sleep well is when we travel. We're going to Orlando in July, so I'm a little worried how you will sleep.
  • You are a busy, busy bee. Right after you turned 9 months old you started crawling on your hands and knees, and now you can go so fast. You have discovered that rooms have doors that lead to other rooms, and you are beginning to explore. You have discovered that drawers and cabinets open and have things in them. You can pull up and stand using a wall, much less furniture or a person. You are being brave and standing with one hand free. The other day you stood up using the side of your kiddie pool and let go with both hands and just stood there for a few seconds!
  • You are SO strong! It's getting to be a work-out to hold or carry you anywhere.
  • Like I said, you are getting into everything, which means I have to re-direct or say "no, no" quite a few times in a day. You know what "no" means and have started shaking your head when I say it or when you know you shouldn't do something. Most of the time you look at me, smile, and stop the action, but sometimes you squint your eyes and try again. Or sometimes you cry and start kicking your legs. This doesn't happen often, but it must stop NOW.
  • You no longer enjoy getting your diaper changed. Again, there is kicking and fussing when I lay you down, but you are easily distracted by a tickle, a silly song, or a bottle of Beaudreaux's Butt Paste.
  • You still love bathtime and brushing your teeth. You get excited when you see your toothbrush and toothpaste and open your mouth wide.
  • You LOVE to swim and be in the water! You are like a little fish! I am so happy about this because we are spending time almost everyday at the pool.
  • Books are fun! Right now you love a "Butterfly Kisses" book that has a puppet to go with it. And you love your "First One Hundred Words" book. You can point to the yellow ducks which I really think comes from our trips to the pond to see the real ducklings. You can point to the cat for Ginger. And for some reason you point out the broccoli on the vegetable page.
  • You are talking like crazy! "Ma ma" finally came this month, and I couldn't be happier! You still say "da da" all day long and more sounds are: na, no, di, do, ba, pa, sh, ja, ju. Sometimes it sounds like you try to say "drink" or "juice" and "done," and I really think you say something for "shoe." Is it possible your first official word will be zhue for shoe? I guess I'm trying to look past the "no, no, no" and shaking of the head that went on in Fayetteville after I put you in the carseat one too many times. Ha!
  • You are so good anywhere we go. As long as there's something to do or people to watch, you are easily entertained. I don't really have to entertain you at home either- you pretty much entertain yourself. You are happy playing wherever we are with whatever is available.
  • You can clap your hands, which is the cutest thing. I love to say "Yay, Mary Ella!" and see you smiling and clapping your hands. And sometimes you will clap my hand to give me five.
  • Your kisses are the sweetest things ever, and you will usually give them away when someone asks.
  • It seems like you are trying or doing something new everyday, and we love watching you grow! But it would be okay with me if you would slow down just a little!













Wednesday, June 9, 2010

43 Weeks

43 Weeks Old

So, I'm committed to taking Mary Ella's picture every week on her changing table, because that's where we started. But it's getting hard to get a good one! She has started fussing when I lay her down. She just wants to be on the go, go, go!

I love her in her jean skirt!

Serious, but so cute!

Look at those toofies!
This week felt like the official beginning of summer. We spent time at the big pool and in the little pool in the backyard. And I love it! Wednesday night we went out with our Lifegroup to Bonefish for Jeni's birthday. All summer Bang Bang shrimp is $5 on Wednesday nights- just so you know. It was yummo, and Mary Ella did so good! Even when we stay out too late she just keeps going strong. She has also turned out to be a terrific shopper. She loves to stroll around, expecially outside. So we hit our outdoor mall Thursday in search of birthday presents for Anna Claire and Michael. We went back and forth on Anna, but settled on a Razorback cheerleading uniform at The Toggery. While we were looking at Cupcakes and Caterpillars I saw that a bathing suit I've had my eye on for ME was on sale, so I had to get it. It was the one she was wearing in my last post, and I LOVE it! Anyway, I found out this week that Brad has booked two nights in Hot Springs for our anniversary next weekend. I don't know where we're staying or what we're doing, but I'm so excited! BUT he didn't remember that was Anna's birthday weekend too, so we're missing her birthday party. Hopefully to make up for that, Mary Ella and I decided to take a little weekend roadtrip to Fayetteville, deliver her bday present, and be there for her dance recital. Brad had some catching up to do for work, so it was the perfect time for a girls' weekend...
Friday we arrived in time for lunch with Trey and Julie at Chili's. Then we went to Bella Jack's, one of my favorite kid stores. I found 3 baby gifts for Jeni, Jill, and Dennia, and Trey found this hat! He was being silly! You can see Mary Ella in the background. She only slept for 40 minutes of the 3 hour trip, but she did amazingly well. But after sitting through that and lunch, she was ready to get down and go! She crawled all over the store- I only let her do that because we were the only ones in there. After that we went to Julie's to try to get ME to take a nap which didn't happen. She really went all weekend without a good nap, but she was still her fun sweet self. When Anna got home from school we gave her her birthday gift, played a little, and Hannah came over to get the girl all dolled up for the big night. We enjoyed Guido's and waited on the big reveal...

What a beautiful little lady!
She did every step to her tap routine very precisely and looked so cute in her costume. We are so proud of you Anna Claire! I didn't really think about how ME would do until it got totally dark, and I thought "uh-oh." But the lights came on and her eyes were glued to the stage. She LOVED the dancing and music and glittery costumes. Seriously, I was amazed. She sat on Gigi's lap until she got a little squirmy about 45 minutes into it. After Anna's performace we went back stage to congratulate her, and then we went home at intermission.
Getting a little sleepy

Gigi and Anna

This will be you one day, ME.

Saturday Gigi and Papa took us to 3 Monkeys in Rogers, another awesome baby store. I have been in search of cute sandals for Mary Ella for weeks. If you're a shoe lover, and I am, you've noticed the only ones she wears are the pink metallic thongs. That's because they are the only ones that fit, they stay on, and I can't find anything cuter, but she's almost outgrown them. When summer stuff came out she was still in a 2, and most shoes start at size 3, but now she needs a 3, and all the 3's are gone. What a dilema! I don't like clunky, or too colorful, or lots of flowers. I just want something simple and cute that fits and goes with everything. Well, I found it all right! But not on the huge wall of baby shoes- I didn't like any of those. Right around the corner on an unsuspecting rack, Gigi picked up a pair of bronze, metallic, peep-toe, strap around the ankle, soft, size 3 baby ballet shoes from heaven. She put them on Mary Ella's little foot, and they fit like Cinderella's glass slipper! They were so cute! So perfect! And cost $125! We left 3 Monkeys empty-handed and cried in our salsa at Abuelo's. So sad! Oh well...the search continues. After lunch, we hit the pool with Anna and Trey. Gigi and Papa were very impressed with ME's swimming skills!

Anna is quite the swimmer too! She's in some kind of big girl lane at the Swim Ranch this year, and on her way to earning the coveted "fish" trophy. Saturday night Oma and Opa, Julie, Mike, and the kids came over to Joe and Rita's for supper and playtime with Mary Ella. Rita fixed yummy chicken salad, cucumber salad, and fruit salad. It was a very refreshing summer meal!

Swingin' on the porch before church.
Papa also put the hammock up for her, and they spent some time outside together.

Love my girl!

Papa grilled burgers after church, and then Gigi had a shower to go. So we decided to head back to Little Rock. We made it back in time for our church's VBS kick-off Sunday night. It was a great weekend, but it's always good to be back home with Daddy. He missed us so much!
P.S. Julie and Mike found out they have been approved by their adoption agency. A couple more things have to happen, and then we'll just be waiting on a baby!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

98 Degrees

It is hot in Little Rock! This weekend the forecasted highs are 98 and 99 degrees! What do you do when it's that hot? Hit the pool of course! Our neighborhood pool opened last week, and we will spend plenty of time there this summer, but I also got this blow-up pool for the backyard. I thought it would be good when we didn't want to load everything up and go to the big pool. We can just jump in and out anytime, and Mommy can wear her bikini and get some sun! We have used it twice already, and Mary Ella loves it! Throw in a cup, some bath toys, a beach ball, bubbles, the radio, and a few squirts from the water hose, and we are good to go! She scoots, crawls, and splashes all around. This is exactly how I want to spend the summer with her!

Ooh, a little chilly!

Look at those rolls!

Trying to drink from her cup

Stay cool everybody!