Sunday, January 25, 2009

Third Month

Whew! What a relief to have made it through the first trimester! I am hesitant to brag in fear of it getting me later, but so far so good on morning sickness. I was nauseous for a few weeks, but only lost my orange juice one morning while I was brushing my teeth. We have begun telling friends and coworkers around here. My second doctor's appointment I had a little scare. Brad was in Oklahoma City, so I was by myself. My doctor couldn't immediately find the heartbeat, but she sent me to get an ultrasound and everything was fine. Baby Harriman must have wanted to been seen and heard. I called Brad during the ultrasound so he could hear the heartbeat and on speakerphone again he asks, "Only one in there?" I was happy to have another picture, and this time I saw lots of movement! Amazing! God is so good!

Second Month

Our first doctor's appointment was a whirlwind! Brad was there, but he kind of stayed in the corner with his hunting magazine. He was a little intimidated by the whole thing, and I don't think he really believed it until he saw and heard the heartbeat. His questions for the doctor were, "How many are there?" (his brother has twins) and "When can you tell how tall it's going to be?" After meeting Brad, the doctor assured him height would probably not be a problem. It's hard to imagine loving a peanut this much, but we sure do!

My brother Cole got suprisingly emotional when we told him at Christmas. It was so sweet- he teared up! I got a phone call from him the other day, and he has decided he wants to be called "Super Uncle Cole." I told him he was going to be responsible for teaching the baby how to say that! Mama has decided she'll go by Mia. Baby Harriman is going to be so loved! I guess technically the first Christmas is under our belt. Does having a stocking and already getting presents count?

Christmas 2008

This is my favorite picture from Christmas, Trey and Aunt Jessie. I wasn't very far along, but it was too hard to pass up telling the family at Christmas. We told the grandparents by giving them a memory book to write in for the baby. My mom's reaction was the best because for the first time ever she was speechless! This will be her first grandchild. Brad's parents are pros at being grandparents already. We have 2 nieces and 2 nephews on that side, and I have absolutely loved being an aunt. They have made me want to be a mom too. Trey and Eli make me want to have a little boy to love on. And Anna Claire and Reese make me want to have a little girl to dress up and read books like Fancy Nancy to. We don't care either way as long as the baby is healthy. Anway, Trey is pretty attached to me and demands my attention when we are together. I am "his Jessie" and this picture captures his reaction to finding out about the baby. He asked, "Are you going to hold it?" Everybody else was thrilled!

First Month

We're pregnant and due August 8th! We found out the Sunday we got back from Thanksgiving break. What a blessing! When we decided we were ready to have a baby I just prayed that God would let it happen when He was ready and when He thought we were too. Well, He must have been saying what most people have, "It's about time!" because it didn't take long! We are so excited and have decided to document the pregnancy each month with a photo by our fireplace. I hope you enjoy watching Baby Harriman grow! Thank you God!