Friday, July 12, 2013

Sick Week

Poor baby boo boo has had a rough week.  It started with fever on Sunday.  He seemed better on Monday until he woke up from his nap with more fever.  And it got high, high.  Tuesday I took him to the doctor (didn't really want to choose and meet our new ped with a sick visit, but oh well) and his throat looked really red and had white spots on it.  The quick strep test was negative, but the doctor sent it off for culture, and we waited on meds until we found the results.  High fever came again Tuesday night.  I basically gave him round the clock meds, and he slept with me for 2 nights because I was so worried about him having a seizure.  I know that sounds dramatic, but I've never dealt with fever in the 103s and I didn't like it one bit.  He got several tepid bathes and hated me for it, but it worked.  Wednesday he was feeling better, and I only had to give him 2 doses of fever meds for low temps.  Thursday, he was fever free, not really up to par, but his strep test came back negative.  We decided it must have been a virus, and I was happy to see it was on the way out.  Until this morning...he woke up with matted eyes with yucky yellow goo.  Back to the doctor we went, a different doctor, by the way.  He confirmed that it looked like pink eye and found that one of his ears looked infected.  We have already started antibiotics and eye drops.  What a weird combination of ailments you came up with there, Rhett!  Needless to say, Mama and sister are ready to get OUT of this hotel, but more importantly, we're ready for brother to feel better!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th Festivities

Crazy girl
 These pictures start on July 3rd.  We got the party started with a pool party at Mimi's.  And Mary Ella went to the parade with Reese and Eli.
Look at that physique ;)

This boy wouldn't drink anything but water until recently, and now he is all about the "deuce bok" and "chocit mik."  Although I think we're going to have to switch to soy milk, because he has his daddy's stomach.

 Rhett is not very adventurous in the water, but ME jumps in, jumps off the diving board, and goes down the slide!
Picnic by the pool
The 4th was a repeat of the 3rd, except with more people.  Randy and Lindsay, Mike and Julie, and all of us swam and ate lunch at Rena's. 
Rhett and Gracie in the Barbie Jeep

 After naps we went over to Joe and Rita's for an early supper and fireworks.  Rita had more red, white, and blue than I have ever seen.  The house was so pretty.  And our boys delivered yet again on an exciting and fairly safe fireworks show.
How many cousins can you fit on a porch swing?

Happy birthday America!  ME's view from her hotel room. ;)

 Friday, the 5th, we went to the rodeo.  ME's boots were the only ones I packed, so she got all cowgirl-ed up.

Yee haw!

Cotton candy rocks!

Miss Attitude


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Lake and Stuff

 This past weekend, all of the immediate Harriman crew had a blast at the lake.  We stayed at a lakehouse called "The Dive" that is a few houses down from Nancy and Leonard's.  We ate a lot, swam, did some fishing and boating, hung out on the dock, and the kids got realllly dirty and tired.  I didn't take many pictures because I was constantly chasing Rhett around and needed to be ready to dive in after him at any moment.  So, it wasn't too safe to have a phone or camera nearby.  Plus, he was throwing lots of rocks in the water.  I did run up and grab the Canon when Papa helped him catch his first fish.  The boys had big plans for their trot lines, but the only product of the weekend was the bait fish they caught for them.

Catchin' another big one ;)

This was all that was biting.

And this was the scene upstairs every night.  Rhett got the privilege of sleeping in the pack n play in the bedroom with Oma. 
 And from the iphone lately...
Weekend before last, we celebrated Anna's 9th birthday.  What?  This is Rhett after only one piece of cookie cake.

Since Lindsay is off in the summer, we have spent a lot of time playing with Reese and Eli at their house.  My kids think they are in toy heaven over there!  Rhett loved playing with this puppy.  He covered him with his blanket and loved all over him.  And then, I guess in a bedtime routine, he thought they needed to pray together.  Rhett's prayer in a scary deep voice: "Gigi, Papa. Amen." 

Popsicle face

Hotel life is rough!

One day we dressed up for a tea party at the library.

Classic Rhett-
This day when Brad got off work, we went out to Madison County to visit Oma's sister.  We never made it back to the hotel to change clothes, so we looked quite over dressed when we arrived.  Aunt Judy pulled out a camo tshirt that fit ME perfectly as a dress.  We looked at the horses, played in the dirt, Rhett drove the gator, and then we went down to the creek.  Well they both ended up in it throwing rocks, and Rhett got wet, so we stripped him down.  Then we gave the camo shirt back to Judy, so both kids rode home naked.  That's the life in Arkansas!

The tea party at the library was precious. It was red, white, and blue-themed for 4th of July, and she came away with these star sunglasses.

Speaking of sunglasses, not too long ago I decided I might want to try a different style.  I asked Brad how he thought I would look in some Duck Commander aviators (since I'm too cheap and hard on sunglasses to buy Ray Bans).  And to that he sweetly replied, "You can't wear those.  Your cheeks are too big."  Thanks, honey.  Anyway, when my sunglasses fell off of my head and into the toilet at the Catfish Hole last Sunday, I saw it as a sign to buy some new ones.  And I love them!  And my cheeks are not too fat...maybe?
 This was a fun day!  After a sleepover, Lindsay and I took the big cousins (minus Rhett and Gracie) to lunch at Mellow Mushroom and to the movie Monsters University.  After the movie we took all the kids to Renee's house, and Lindsay and I went to Sam's and got groceries for our weekend at the lake.  And can I just get an amen for NaNa?!  I have never, ever had help with my kids.  They either come with my wherever I go or I don't go.  But now I can just drop them off for a day or for a few hours for appointments or whatever.  I don't know what I would have done with ME during Rhett's swim lessons, but it was so easy and stress free.  I'm pretty sure, NaNa alone is worth the move back to Arkansas! ;)

Their pizza by the slice is bigger than your head!

 Yay for summer time fun with cousins and stuff!