Monday, May 24, 2010

41 Weeks

41 Weeks Old

My mom came to visit this week, and we had a blast! She helps so much with Mary Ella- they just play and play. On Tuesday she came to swim lessons to take pictures, and she was so impressed with Mary Ella in the water. That night we had PF Chang's take-out. Yum! Wednesday morning Lindsay and Gunnar walked to the pond with us to see the ducklings. The mom and dad aren't nearly as protective, so we were able to feed them from the bank. After our walk we got ready and had lunch at On the Border before doing a little shopping. My brother recently moved out, so Mama is re-doing his bathroom. We went to Target and TJ Maxx for new towels, rug, shower curtain, etc. We didn't have much luck, but Mary Ella did great! She is such a shopper now that she can sit up front in the buggy or ride forward in her stroller. Thursday was rainy, so we played around the house most of the day. It cleared up later, so we got permission to attend the night swim class. Brad wanted to come see her swim anyway, so it worked out perfectly. Afterward we ate at Larry's Pizza. Mary Ella was exhausted by the time we got home. I think she slept until 8:00 the next morning. Yippee! Friday morning we walked down to the pond again, and this time the ducklings came to us on the bank. Mary Ella was sitting in her stroller so she got to see them really well. They came up SO close to us to get the bread. When they were all done and walking away, Mary Ella started fussing. She wanted them to come back! It was so cute! After that we stopped at the Brodie Creek pavillion for breakfast and bubbles. We made it back home in time for Mary Ella's nap and did some more shopping. We made stops at Sam's, Steinmart, Cupcakes and Caterpillars, and The Toggery and squeezed in a stop for a milkshake at Cheeburger Cheeburger. Friday night we had fish tacos and rented a movie. Mama was planning on going home Saturday, but Brad talked her into staying one more night so we could go on a date. I'm so glad we got to do that! We needed it! We had a nice dinner at Capers and made it to the late showing of Letters to Juliet (Brad wanted to watch Robin Hood, but I talked him into it- he's kind of a sucker for chick flicks). Ha! It was cheesy, but about what we expected. Sunday after church we had fajitas, and I ran out to Amanda's baby shower. She got so many cute things. Baby Porter will be here soon! I am so excited about all the new babies on the way in our church. There are 6 babies on the way in our Bible class alone. More friends for Mary Ella!

Look at that cute booty!

This girl loves being outside.

Up close and personal with the ducklings


Not sure about it at first

I like it!

Big, blue eyes

Mary Ella and Gunnar

Last week we went to the pond several times to see the baby ducks and just be outside. One day we walked down with Lindsay and Gunnar and took some pics of the kiddos. They are really sweet together!
Watching the ducks on the pond

Pat on the head


So sweet

Feeding the ducks

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Action Shots

Mia came to swim lessons with us Tuesday and Thursday this week, so she was able to take some pictures of the girl in action. She has turned into a little fish. I am so proud of her and can't wait for our pool to open next week!

Getting sun-screened- this is not my favorite part.

Still a little grumpy because we woke her up from her nap

Ready to go!

Our swim and church friends Amanda and Ava and Jill and Grace

Splish, splash!

It's hard to float when the sun's in your eyes!

She can kick on her back and tummy.

1, 2, 3, blow!

This is the face she makes before she goes under.


Yay! You did it!

We work alot on reaching for the edge and climbing out. She needs a little help getting her rump up.

Turn around and sit down.

Lindsay and Gunnar

Kick, kick, kick!

Swim, swim, swim!

About to go under with Gunnar

Splash, splash, splash!

Round 2: We went to the night class on Thursday so Daddy could come too!

Little fishie

Swim for that toy!

They kissed!

Mary Ella and Gunnar underwater!

About to jump in!

All done! Daddy was impressed!

A lucky ladybug landed on her face after class.

Hanging out in the hot tub

Little cuties!