Sunday, May 17, 2009

Seventh Month

Only three months to go, but still three months to go! It doesn't sound like a long time, but I look down at my belly and wonder how it can stretch much more. But I am assured it can and will. I have begun seeing my doctor every 2 weeks now, and I can't wait to see Mary Ella at our 30 week sonogram. She is getting a little rough in there, so I hope we catch her at an active time to see what in the world she is doing.


We are moving to Little Rock! Brad got a job as the CFO of the VA Hospital there. We will be moving the first week of June. What I thought was going to be a restful summer waiting on baby is going to be anything but relaxing. I have had some mixed feelings about the move. It will be so much closer to our family, and we will be back in Razorback country (we have already ordered our football tickets)! I am also so happy for and proud of Brad. This is an amazing opportunity and advancement in his career. It also means I get to stay home with Mary Ella, which is probably the most exciting part of it all. But, we love Madison and this has become our home. We are sad to leave our jobs, our friends, our church family, and our house. And I am very anxious about finding a new doctor at this point in the pregnancy. I am usually up for the adventure of exploring and getting to know a new place, but right now I just want to be stable. It's going to be a pain selling and buying a new house, packing up my classroom, living in an apartment until?, finding a doctor, putting Mary Ella's nursery on hold, moving in my third trimester, finding a new church, finding a new hairdresser, finding a new dentist, switching utilities and everything else over, building a new network of friends, etc. Can you tell I'm whining a bit? I have been doing that latley when talking about the move. And then I realized, what am I griping about? This is such a blessing! It is an answer to prayer that God has blessed us with. Just like He has blessed us with the child we asked for. I have always wanted to stay home when we had a baby, and He has blessed me with that opportunity too. I'm not in control, He is. I only like to think I am in control, and I definetely don't feel like it right now with so many things up in the air. But God is taking care of us. He has blessed us with all the things we love about Madison, and He will take care of us through the move and bless us with a new and wonderful life in Little Rock. Our lives were about to change anyway, so why not change it all? So, I'm not going to gripe or stress anymore. I am going to be on His timeframe and under His control. And I am not going to forget that we are SO blessed. Thank you God!

Class Shower

My sweet class (and some sweet Mamas) threw me a baby shower! We enjoyed cupcakes and Capri Suns and had so much fun! It was a diaper and wipe shower, so I got LOTS of those. How handy! I also got some much needed baby Johnson's products. The kids loved mentioning the Boudreaux's Butt Paste over and over. And have you ever heard of Boogie Wipes? Mary Ella got some extras too: Binky's, onesies, dresses, and a so soft blanket. She got the cutest plastic book with photo slips for family pictures and the sweetest gown. Of course it is in the process of getting monogrammed. And I LOVE my pink and brown damask diaper bag and polka dot wipe holder. This class has been one of my favorites, and the shower was just the icing on the cake. Thank ya'll so much!