Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First Tree Climbed

 You know how not too long ago, Mary Ella wanted to climb a mountain and go behind a waterfall?  Well, recently her little adventurous heart has been set on climbing a tree.  And she has tried on occasion to get me to help her climb some impossible ones.  But yesterday at the park, she again said that she wanted to climb a tree.  I said without thinking, "I don't think you can climb any of these trees."  And then I was like, "Wait a minute, there is one right there that is actually perfect for climbing."  I talked her through the right branches to reach for and where to put her feet, but she did the rest all by herself.  The only time she freaked out a little is when she saw ants on it, and I was like you're in a tree monkey, of course there are ants on it. ;)

Of course I had to go get my camera once she was safely secured.

She sat down on this branch and gave me her hand to jump down.
Way to go ME!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cinderella at ACO

Finally got some Mommy/Daughter time on Sunday.  Mary Ella has been asking when are we are going to have a Mommy and Mary day, and I think she was pleased with our afternoon at the theatre.  Thanks to Gigi and Papa for watching Rhett while we saw Cinderella at the Arts Center of the Ozarks.


Stepsisters and Stepmother

Fairy Godmother