Thursday, February 28, 2013

3 1/2

With brother...y'all are attached at the hip

Can you say goofy?

There's a real smile!
Mary Ella,
There is so much I want to remember about you at this age, but life is passing by so quickly, and I know I am going to do a terrible job of trying to capture this moment.  I have loved every age, and I always say this, but I would love to bottle you up the way you are right now and keep you forever little.  The more I think about this world and what you're up against, the more I want to save you from all of the disappointment and pain you will most likely face.  Your innocence and love for God is so pure right now, I wish I could keep it that way.  I'd like to fight the Devil all the way back to hell, so you don't have to.  But that's life, and I can't.  I have to let you grow up and teach and guide you the best way I know how, and that is through God's loving Word.  I realize that now more than ever.  We are reading a book called Choices by Mary Farrar in ladies' Bible class, and it is all about the choices women face.  It has made me think so much about how I have to be so intentional about everything I say and do and portray to you.  None of it will happen by chance.  The world is full of lies about what is important and what is right vs wrong.  I want you to be grounded, firm, steadfast for life in your faith before you leave my care, because the world is going to tell you that everything about God and the Bible is outdated and irrelevant.  But baby girl, the only way you will find the peace and love and hope and joy that is true is through Him.
  • You probably weigh 37 pounds and are 39 inches tall.
  • You are still a picky eater, but you must eat at least one bite of every food on your plate.  No separate suppers here.  But, oh what a glorious day it will be when you pick up your fork and happily eat a healthy meal!
  • You still take around a 2 hour nap daily.
  • Some mornings you bounce out of bed ready to go, and some mornings you will get in bed and snuggle with me for a while.  I love this!  At bedtime we read books, say our prayers, exchange kisses and hugs, and chat about the day.  Sometimes you say, "Mama how about a little bit of snuggle?" or "Mama, snuggle with me a little while pleeeeease."  And I love it! 
  • You are very decisive about what you want to do or play on a given day.  We have a pretty mapped out schedule, but I'm glad we don't have something every day, because y'all seem to like the days where we just stay at home and play.  You kind of go through the rounds of playing with all of your toys and games and puzzles with some art and crafting thrown in. You have really enjoyed all of your new toys from Christmas.
  • Your favorite books right now are The Rhyming Bible, Strawberry Shortcake, Shoe La La, Knuffle Bunny, and anything Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, Olivia, or Princess.
  • Your favorite show is Sophia the First.  You've also been watching some Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, and My Little Pony while I take my shower in the morning. 
  • Your favorite princess right now seems to be Merida from Brave.  You love to shoot your bow and arrow Daddy got you from Bass Pro.  I mean, really, you can go from girly-girl princess to let me get dirty and spit very quickly.
  • You love to go to dance and gymnastics.  You also ask to take swim lessons every time we drive by Maley's.  You definitely enjoy your extra curriculars.
  • You also continue to adore Ms. Lizzy at storytime, even though it is geared toward Rhett's age group.
  • You love your friends: Braydon, Carson, Corbin, Miles, Emma, Audrey Kate, Campbell, and more.  You can make a best friend in an instant at the park.  You are one outgoing little girl.
  • You say the funniest, grown-up things like "Bless his heart" (when Rhett's crying).
  • I wish I had time to write down every ME quote of the day because there sure are some good ones.
  • Your vocabulary is unbelievable.  Daily you say things that amaze me.
  • You know and can write all of your letters.  You can identify beginning sounds and think of words that start with a certain letter.  You can write your name and Rhett's name.  If I made up my mind to teach you, I think you could learn to read.
  • You are starting to count in the 20s and 30s, but you never can remember 16!
  • You can recite so, so many books and rhymes and songs. 
  • You love to dance and sing and perform. 
  • You make up songs about Jesus, and I've caught you singing a few songs from Klove.
  • You LOVE to go to Bible class and church.  It makes my heart happy for you to say "Yay!" and get excited about a church day.
  • You are really wanting Rhett to be able to "play" with you, and y'all do that now better than you ever have. But you can also be bossy and stingy and mean.  You either want to share and will let me break or take over whatever you're doing, or you don't want him to touch or have any part of it.  Your responses can be very extreme depending on your mood, and poor Rhett doesn't know the difference. His only thought is "destroy!" But y'all can be so sweet and loving to each other.  I'm pretty sure you get more hugs and kisses than I do from him.
  • After a Saturday of spending time with Brad, you can get on a for sure Daddy kick.  You call him "Daaaad" and me "Moooom."  Why, I do not know.
  • You talk all the time about any and everything.  
  • You are getting to be more independent and helpful to me all of the time.  You fold wash cloths, potty by yourself, brush your teeth, use the dust buster, crack eggs, clean your room, buckle your carseat, put your shoes on, take your clothes off, blow your nose, wash your hands.
  • I'm hoping, hoping I'm not jumping the gun here.  But, I'm thinking we're moving out of the difficult days of the 3s.  3 to 3 1/2 was bumpy in the discipline area, but lately our days have been going much more smoothly.  I don't feel like every day is a battle of the wills.  I'm hoping it was just a phase.  You have been so cooperative and sweet lately, and I love that you are remembering your manners.  Bring on the good times of the 4s!  You're not perfect, you can still be moody, but you are also so thoughtful and kind and seem to remember EVERYTHING I tell you!  So, hopefully some of the good stuff is sinking in.  Love you, baby girl!


Friday, February 22, 2013

V-day Fun

Making red velvet cupcakes.  Yes, I have her red bow in my hair.
This is a collection of our Valentine-related activities.  You know I love a good holiday.  Can't believe February is almost over!

She takes sprinkle-ing very seriously ;)
I guess we ate a lot of sweets.  Love/Hog brownies
The kids got happy Valentine mail from Gigi and Papa!

Playing with a puzzle from cupid (Mommy)

Mama knows the girl loves a good crown, chocolate, and play phones.  We had fun putting her Valentines together for her gymnastics class.  She wrote her name on every one.

Having a serious talk on her Barbie phone.

Enjoying a Valentine cookie

Love these...


Valentine manicure
 Brad booked a Valentine getaway for us at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas.  He took off Thursday, we loaded the kids up, met my mom and Jenn in Shreveport, made the drop, and rolled into the big D just in time to freshen up for our dinner reservation.  We stayed Thursday and Friday night and had a really great time.  It's the first time Mia has had both of them by herself, and she survived!  I know they had a great time.  We had to hurry and get back on Saturday before she spoiled them rotten.  She decorated a Valentine tree for them, for goodness sake!  Ha! 
Had to take a picture of our yummy dessert

Friday fun day...we should look rested after sleeping until 10 a.m.  Maybe those bags and wrinkles are permanent.  Ha!  Happy 11th V-day to us!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

15 Months

15 Months Old
February 4, 2013

Little man was not wanting to be still for the camera on this day, so I didn't have much to choose from.  When does he ever want to be still?  But can I just say that I can't hardly take his cuteness when he wears Polo!  Definitely takes after Dada!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

14 Months

14 months old
January 4, 2013

Not exactly wanting to pose for the camera

My precious love

Sunday, February 10, 2013

13 Months

13 months
December 4, 2012


Serious talk

"ooh" face

Love him!