Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mary Ella's 5th {Pirate Fairy} Birthday

Meet The Pirate Fairy, the latest Tinker Bell movie and chosen theme for ME's 5th birthday celebration.  Now, as we were discussing birthday party options Tinker Bell came up pretty quickly.  I love to search online for party images of cakes, decorations, food, favors, etc, and it's fun to let ME get in on the fun.  She wanted to look at costumes, so I opened the Disney Store webpage, and there it was...the Zarina costume.  Zarina is the fairy gone bad pirate in the movie, until she turns over a new leaf at the end of the is Disney of course.  So, ME immediately wanted to be the bad girl pirate.  I was like, "What about Tinker Bell?  Don't you want to be Tinker Bell?  What about Frozen?  A Frozen party would be so much fun!"  But no, she was turning 5, had her 5 year old opinions, and she wanted to be the PIRATE fairy.  So, she basically had a boy party with a Tinker Bell cake and some fairies mixed in. ;)  It was the most "interesting" party I've planned so far, but of course I had fun with it!  Y'all know I love to throw a good party!  And she did look stinkin' cute in that costume.  Thanks, Mia!