Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Day

 A couple weeks ago, we saw some snow in Mississippi.  Brad was out of town, and when he travels I let Mary Ella sleep in bed with me.  Of course, she woke me up bright and early.  We snuggled for a while.  When we got up and saw the snow, I knew it was going to be a fun day.  They were forecasting 2-4 inches, but you know how that goes.  It's a big deal to see a snowflake in MS much less have enough to play in.  It was just a couple inches, but as soon as Rhett got up and we had breakfast, we bundled up in whatever I could find and headed outside!
Getting ready

Apparently he had a hard time turning his head.

Snow-covered playhouse roof

Rhett wasn't that impressed, but the cozy coupe contained him for a while.

Snowball fight!


Snow angel, check!  Apparently I am a terrible snowman maker.  I tried twice.  The snow was great for it.  It balled up fast and big!  Maybe I tried to make them too big, but they both fell over before we had a chance to decorate or get a pic. 


Snow babies!  Too bad Daddy missed it!  It was all melted by the time he got home later that day.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas 6 of 2012

Sweet, sweet
 This is it for the Christmas posts.  Did you think there were 2012 of 2012?  No?  Well, it seemed like we had 2 Christmases at my mom's because we were there twice. The first time Cole had the flu, and we barely saw him.  Nanny was in rehab recovering from a hospital stay.  I woke up one morning with an ear infection.  And Mama got sick the day we left.  So, we didn't get to do all that we had planned the first time.  We did get to see our cousins, Sissy and Leslie.  We had a sweet visit with them.  We got to visit Nanny in rehab and give Pa some company at home.  We also got to go to Maud and see my best friend, Michelle, and meet Brady for the first time.

ME, Rhett, and Leslie
Rhett and Brady were fighting over the remote
It was so good to see Michelle and Steven, and Brady is just precious!  We also got to see some of their family that mean so much to me.  I could spend a week in Maud and probably not get to see and visit with all the people I wanted.  There is never enough time.

Rhett and Brady were adorable together.  They chased/crawled all over the place!
A little too much love from ME
Chocolate house we made with Mia

So, when we left Hope for Christmas in NWA we planned on seeing my mom and brother and Jenn at our house after Christmas.  Mama was too sick to come, so I didn't know WHEN we would get to have Christmas with her.  I sure wasn't ready for more travel, but Brad and Cole decided to go deer hunting for a few days in Kentucky.  The kids and I drove back to Arkansas with Jenn, and we got to visit for a few more days before the boys joined us.  Nanny got to come home that Saturday, so it was nice to be there to welcome her.  We were all feeling better and ready to celebrate on New Year's Eve.
We did make Christmas goodies on round 2.

Sweet again
This was Sunday before church.

Boo hoo

ME ready to help in the kitchen for New Years Eve lunch!
Decorating some cookies while the girls prepared the meal. We had fresh fried deer steak, thanks to Daddy.
Mama's girl

Trying to get Rhett to walk

I think they need to have their own kids to be in some pictures ;)

Almost time for presents!
Sweet ornament

Her Cinderella gown was a big hit!

Rhett got lots of boy toys.

Mommy's favorite- a new picnic table to go on the back porch!

Yay for Christmas 2012 and a New Year!  Thank you, Mia, for making it memorable as always!