Monday, January 30, 2012

Orange Leaf Treat

On Saturday, Mary Ella and I got out of the house together for a bit. I really treasure our one-on-one time now more than ever! We had lunch at Chick-fil-A, shopped and played at Sweet Dreams, and had frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf. I am sooo excited we have one in Madison now, and within walking distance from our house! That is trouble!

Another treat...this is how hungry Brad is from his diet. He made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for himself (and us) this weekend from SCRATCH! Ha! And they were good! I am so proud of him for trying to be healthier. He has been doing the grocery shopping and most of the cooking. I'm thinking I might lose weight too. And, yes, I did get to the gym this past time is a start right?
I'm trying to take some pictures of my kids together each week, and Sundays are a good day because they're all spiffed up. Doesn't Rhett look fat and happy? He wore his sweet matching sweater and booties to church that Gigi got him. He looks a little more like he should be wearing football pads than a fancy crocheted sweater. Ha!

Sweet babies!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

12 Weeks

12 Weeks Old

Sweet feet

So, this Jack and Teddy outfit has come full circle. I got it as a baby gift for my friend's little boy, and Rhett just happened to hit the jackpot when she decided to let me borrow his baby clothes. So much of the cute stuff he wears doesn't even belong to us. Aren't hand-me-downs such a blessing? Especially super nice ones! I would love to give a shout out and thank her here, but she will remain nameless. There would be a long line of mommas waiting for those clothes if they knew she was lending them out! And I don't want any of her other friends to be jealous that I was the lucky one. ;) She said she knew I would take care of and appreciate them as if they were my own. And we have. Probably better than the stuff that I have bought because I'm mortified of sending anything back with a stain or damaged! Thank you sweet friend for this precious gift! I appreciate it more than you'll ever know, and Brad Harriman's wallet thanks you too!

He was not in the mood for pictures this day.

At all!

This one would be cute if Rhett didn't have a snarl on his face!

Love this! She is so sweet to him...most of the time!

We had a pretty low key week at home. Most days I think I want to get out and do something, but then I think about all the RSV I've been hearing about. And I think about what it takes to pack and get 2 kids and myself ready, and then I just decide it's easier to stay home. I know it's easier on Rhett. He'll sleep in the car, but when we stop somewhere he usually wakes up in his carseat even if it's during his nap time. He is such a happy baby though! I'm so thankful he is easy and content most of the time. This week he really found his hands and feet, but he's not exactly sure how to work them. He looks at his hands and tries to eat his fist, but sometimes he misses his mouth and hits himself in the face. He's also really working on grasping toys and getting them to his mouth. He licks them to test them out. I remember Mary Ella doing that. Wasn't that just yesterday?

Lots of twirling and dancing goes on around here!

Cute monkey booty

This is how Rhett looks when he wakes up...swollen eyes and crazy hair...reminds me of someone else I know!

Mary Ella has been Miss Photogenic lately. This day she wanted to go pose for a picture in every room!

Cannot get enough of her pig tails!

She loves her castle!

Oh, mom! I'm trying to sleep!

On Wednesdays we usually go straight from storytime to lunch with Daddy, but we had some time to kill while he was in a meeting. So we went to the park! It has been an incredibly mild winter, and I can't say that I mind one bit.

Rhett couldn't decide if he wanted to wake up or sleep while we were there.

Look at those lashes!

He loves to talk to Mommy on his changing table. This week he was really watching Mary Ella and trying to talk to her too. She loves it and laughs at the sounds he makes! She also answers questions I ask him. She'll say, "He says no, Mommy."

We were bribing him with lots of toys during tummy time, but he just wanted to be lazy.

This outfit has come full circle too! I gave these jeans and sweater to Reese last Christmas. :)

The queen on her thrown. We have kind of made a tradition of watching a movie together on Friday afternoon before Daddy gets home. This Friday we ordered pizza for lunch and called it a pizza party too. And I'm not gonna lie. We almost took down a whole medium between the 2 of us. I had 3 pieces, and she had 4!!! Daddy did much better than that on his diet. I think he's down 8 pounds! He treated himself (and me) to some Fresh Market treats Friday night. He made a nice dinner and dessert, and we watched a movie. It would have been like a date night if I hadn't had a certain baby sleeping on my chest. ;)

Last time for these Gap jeans! Makes me sad that he is growing out of so many things. Seems like it just happens overnight!

And one last booty shot

Friday, January 27, 2012

Easely Amused

Mary Ella finally got to try out painting on the easel Gigi and Papa gave her for Christmas. It has a chalk board on one side and dry erase board on the other. And it's easy to throw up paper on either side for colors, markers, paint, and more! Gotta love Melissa and Doug!

I kid you not, when she got up from her nap and I asked if she wanted to paint she said, "I paint naked." I talked her into atleast wearing her panties and smock.

Rhett loves his taggie football!

I love that sweet face!

Very serious

Gotta have the attitude to go with that hat! Gigi and Papa gave that to her too! We thought it looked like a good painting hat! Ha!

Then, she went and put on her Belle shoes. She had a blast! I know she will enjoy her easel sooo much! Thank you, Gigi and Papa!

And the ceiling fan easily amuses Rhett. :)

P.S. I didn't think of the clever title. It's the name of a painting studio around here where you go and paint a picture with friends. I really want to go!